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Rex & Wendy during much happier times on-board the "Explorer" February 2017- Photo: Noel Clarke

Visit by: Wendy Allison 28th October 2017
Hi Noel,
Spoke to Meradean tonight, Marty's operation went very well, she spoke to the Specialist and he said he was very happy with Marty and the procedure.

Rex settled in at Delmar. And started serious rehab today.
He expects to be out sometime next week.
Kind regards.
Wendy. P.S When Rex is well we will visit Kevin.
Echidna Rex Allison
Rex will be home Wednesday. He will still have approx.
Another three weeks of two days a week as an outpatient.
This seems to me like it's going on forever, but it is only 17 days.
Will be in touch.
Oceans of love.
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