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Echidna Kevin Smith
May 15, 2017 Kevin Smith Suffers Stroke - Photo: Noel Clarke

26th May 2017
From: Bill & Ruth Scott
Hi Noel
We went to see Kevin today. Cracking jokes and laughing but body has a long way to go.

Photo: Bill Scott
26th May 2017
OK Updates.
I just spoke to Kev only a very short chat. Is being worked pretty hard currently, good lets hope he responds very spritely.
It was great to hear his voice even if it was only a few seconds. But I got the good oil from Michelle Kev's daughter.
Kev is in
Metro Rehab
265 Addison Rd
He cannot have too may visitors at once so it would be wise to check before visiting.
Visiting hours are from
Mon to Fri 3.00pm - 8.00pm
Sat-Sun 12Noon - 8.00pm
Room 22
I'll be checking on him regularly so will keep everyone up-to-date.
Kindest Regards
Up-Date June 9, 2017
From Doug McLaughlin
Kev was in fine form on Thursday arvo. Yes, that rainy arvo. His best medicine seems to be a few laughs.

We spent a couple of hours chasing the blues away, through all that rain. He had a couple of old pals from the mid north coast, retired motor mech. Rae is busy keeping up with the property moves and worrying about his hair brush and much more. A real Briton.

Moving about, even just on the bed, is tedious, but his lights are all on: full shine. He does relish some conversation with company and his brain is full speed on.

Anyone in need of some bright conversation should call in for a while. Great medicine.
Up-Date June 9, 2017
From Rodney Marks
I visited Kev, and Rae was there, too. He's pretty good and pretty bad.
He can read and write and talks clearly.
He's a bit confused and a bit emotional.
His left side is no good but fortunately he right-handed.
On Wednesday, 14 June, he goes to;
Cardinal Freeman Village,
8-10 Clissold St,

Clearly, he appreciates visitors, loves The Echidnas, and has given so much to us and to many good causes.
All the best
Up-Date June 10, 2017
From Paul Martell
Hi Noel,
I will try and get in to see Kev tomorrow Sunday. Can you re send his address and phone number To double check he's up for an Irish visit!
June 12, 2017
From: Bill & Ruth Scott
Ruth and I are just back from visiting Kevin. He was in bed and although quite lucid at times he did seem much more wandered than he was when we saw him last week. His wonderful sense of humour continued to make appearances, he said today that they had better not stop the boats as we would have no nurses.
As you know he is moving on Wednesday 14th which is earlier than anticipated due to them not being able to do any more to help Kevinís progress. Itís a sad situation and Ruth and I have come home with heavy hearts.
It is a very difficult time for Rae and the continued support of the Echidnas means a great deal to her.
I have attached a picture taken today at the hospital.
We are on holiday from Wednesday for 6 weeks but I am fully contactable on my usual number 0414240088. Photo: Ruth Scott
All the best
Could you all please send me a short note on your visit with Kev for inclusion here so it keeps everyone up-to-date with Kev's progress. many thanks.
June 16, 2017
From: Noel & Remy Clarke
Called on Kev around 6:50pm after fighting our way through heaps of traffic.
Kev was in fine form and very talkative which was
wonderful to see, and hear.
He seems to have a bright attitude however very, very emotional as with others I've known in the same situation.
Kev loves having visitors was particularly happy when he received a visit from Rodney Marks, looking forward to his visit from Paul Martell. Kev has now been moved to;
Cardinal Freeman Village,                   Photo: Noel Clarke
8-10 Clissold St,
Office Ph: 8241 1645
Kind Regards
June 20, 2017
From: Noel & Remy Clarke
Called in on Kev after 50 Shades of Greyer at Burwood RSL. He wasn't feeling all that clear headed.
He was telling us he was going to catch the bus to Seven Hills, said Rae had moved there into their new home sorry one of their new homes I believe he said 3 new homes.
He has a beautiful new home where is is in Cardinal Freeman its more like a hotel or motel its really beautiful.
I must take some photos of the place one day while my mate Brian is available to be the male model.
Till next time.
June 20, 2017
From: Rex Allison & Les Lidburt
Hi Noel,
Rex and Les visited Kevin today. He looks forward to his visitors. He appeared o.k. Then started rambling and crying, poor darling.
Kevin said Paul visited him yesterday.
We will visit again soon.
Let's hope a miracle happens, to get this wonderful man out of hospital and some quality in his and Rai's life.
July 10, 2017
From: Noel Clarke
I spoke to Rae this afternoon to see how Kev is doing as I haven't been able to get to see him of late.
Kevs new address is;
Opal Aged Care
76 Johnson Street
Rae said he is much the same as my last visit which was way back on 20th June. The only change is that Kev is able to be propped up but spends much of his time sitting by his bed. He doesn't like it much he'd rather be in bed but they like to get him out of bed as much as possible.
PLEASE, remember drop me an email anytime you visit Kev to let us know how he is doing, your email will be added here on this page.
August 3, 2017
From: Noel Clarke
I'm so sorry I haven't been to see Kev for quite some time but keep in touch with Rae as much as possible.
I tried calling Rae this morning but had to leave a message on her phone I then received the following message.
From: Rae, Noel the home Kev is in has been in lock down for the past two weeks due to the flue.... No change in Kevin.
August 6, 2017
From: Noel Clarke
Just spoke with Rae, Kev is just the same.
The place is still in lock-down due to the flu so it was even difficult for Rae to get in for a few minutes.
Anyone wishing to visit it is suggested you call first to see if its OK, Ph: 8585 1900
Noel Clarke August 13, 2017
From: Bill & Ruth Scott
Visiting was on hold because of a flu epidemic but we are happy to report that Kevin is ready and waiting for your visit as visitors are now more than welcome.
August 14, 2017
From: Bill & Ruth Scott
Ruth and I visited Kevin today. We have been wanting to go since we came back from holiday two weeks ago but the place was locked down because of the flu virus.
It was great to see him today, he was looking better than we saw him last time.
His right hand is a bit steadier than it was but there is still no feeling down his left side. He wants some photos of the Echidnas
So that he can put them by his bedside. >br> Visitors will be most welcome.
Bill and Ruth X
September 21, 2017
From: Bill & Ruth Scott
Ruth and I went to see Kevin today and we took him out to the front garden. He was as chatty and witty as ever. We had a great time with him. He can move his left leg a little which is progress. Rae came along and then Michael Parsons popped in as well. We bought coffee from cafe across the road. Kevin had coffee and some ice cream. Wasn't it a party.
October 12, 2017
From: Bill & Ruth Scott

Hi Noel
Ruth and I went to see Kevin today.
He is looking good but his mind although sharp at times tends to wander.
He does love visitors.
We took some ice cream from the cafe across the road and Rae was bringing him a coffee later.
I hope you are well.
Cheers Bill
November 1, 2017
From: Bill & Ruth Scott
Ruth and I went to see Kevin today, at separate times, as no one else went in.
He is looking well but wanders a bit when telling what he has done and what he is going to do.
Otherwise his long term memory is good.
He sends you his best.
I send you my best and hope you are well and hope to see you on Monday.
All the best,
November 10, 2017
From: Bill Scott
Hi Noel
We went to see Kevin today. He was talking about getting a wheelchair that he can manoeuvre himself.
Maybe come to The Echidnas next year. He has a long way to go yet but this gives him some hope.
Hope you are well Noel.
November 12, 2017

From: Victor Fenech

Hi Noel,
I visited Kevin at the nursing home today.
He was in the garden with the other inmates drinking tea.
He recognised me instantly as I approached and was very thankful that I took the time to visit. He introduced me to the others.
As mentioned by others who have seen him, he varies from being friendly and composed to being very emotional. It was a bit hard to see this man who has given so much to others left this way.
He has a very limited ability to move his left foot. He showed me the limited movement he has but his left hand is curled up and useless.
His speech is a bit hard to understand due to paralysis on the left side of his face.
His mind seems to have been relatively untouched. Despite not having seen him since well before his stroke he remembered where I lived and what I had been doing from the conversations we had had in the past.
I installed an alarm system for him at his home some time ago and he was extremely appreciative for it.
His world is now very limited and I could see a man now trapped inside a damaged body. He wanted to pay for the donuts that the group were having.
He spoke very glowingly of the visits the members of the Echidnas have had with him.
I remember him in his smart outfits dressed up to MC events or doing the spruiking jobs he had and I came away this afternoon feeling that the world just isnít fair.
I will go to see him on a regular basis from now on.
I did speak to Rae on Friday and she is doing her best given the situation.
See attached for an image from today.
I will keep you posted.
November 19, 2017

From: Victor Fenech
Hi Noel,
I went and visited with Kevin today.
He was much better than last time. He was only emotional twice. During my time with him Rae come in.
She says that she is coping fine. The new house has a few things for her to do so she is kept occupied.
Kevinís mind is still as sharp as ever.
He remembers things so well.
He send his regards to all the boys.
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