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Echidna Geoff Mack

Report 12th March 14

Here a picture I took of Geoffs leg when I took him to casualty on Wednesday 12th March...
(I promised someone a copy, Alan I think, but thought I'd send you all a copy anyway:-)
The picture shows how 1 leg is easily 50% more swollen than the other...
Geoff also mentioned he had lost over 2 stone in the last 12 months - Note the super skinny leg....
I haven't called Tabbi daily like I would like to - simply because I don't want to add to her stress.
Very reassured he is now in the right place to get better.
G'night all.

Mary Bradford
Geoff Mack
Geoff's troublesome legs 12th March 2014. - Photo: Mary Bradford

Up-Date 15th March 14
In discussion with the doctor we mentioned that Mary B had bullied Geoff into going to hospital and the doc came back with you can thank your lucky stars she did because you really did and still do need hospitalisation to help you overcome these problems. So to Mary a collective THANK you for being a bully. I had to laugh when Geoff described the avents leading up to him going in. Apparently Geoff wanted to get changed but Mary said no you go as you are. Obviously it worked as Geoff said he was ushered in without waiting, again well done Mary.

The service at the hospital is first class from the car park all the way up the chain to nurses and doctors.

I have to pay a complimemt to the security guy at the car parking level where I parked he help me to find Geoff, well explained where to go after several phone calls. Then as I was about to leave he wheeled Tabbi in in a wheel chair he wouldn't hear of her walking up, if that's not service I don't know what is.

It's no wonder our little mate Roland Hastings loves this hospital he says if I have to be in hospital thats where I want to be.

Noel Clarke

Up-Date 15th March 14

Pix taken during my visit 15/3/14 - Photo: Noel Clarke

I visited Geoff today he told him I thought he looked quite well, he said he was feeling much better than yesterday.

While I was there he had a visit by a Dr who spent a fair amount of time with Geoff and was very enlightening. Geoff has a blockage of some kind between his kidney and bladder just one of the problems he faces. Also a enlarges prostate which is also being attended to plus the problems with his legs.

He is certainly being looked after by the Doctors and Nursing staff who all seem very pleasant.

I hade most enjoyable 3 hours with the great man.
Anyone wishing to contact Geoff can call on the hospital Phone number 9487 9000 and ask for Floor 7 Bed 27 hopefully by Monday you will be able to ask for Geoff Mack and get through to him but currently registered with his birth certificate name.

Noel Clarke

Up-Date 19th March 14
Geoff is looking good. Swelling in leg is gone. He will be in for sometime yet and then will be moved to Lady Davidson for rehab. When we left they were taking him for scans as they are also treating an enlarged prostate and searching for answers as to the blockage between liver and kidney. He is no longer suffering pain. Tabbi was so appreciative of my taking her to the San.

A very polite young girl was at the car park and immediately organised a wheel chair for Tabbi which helped immensely. And they made a special cup of coffee for her. 5 star service. It would be so helpful if any of our Echidnas are visiting to phone Tabbi (9457 9145) and pick her up as it is a bad drive for her through Hornsby. She is visiting her own doctor to get her driver's licence renewed as she wants to keep up her driving skills. She can get around shopping etc. but the trip to the hospital is a bit beyond her.

So once again if you are intending to visit Geoff please consider Tabbi. Address is 5 High Street Mt Ku-Ring-Gai (take the ramp over the railway line and turn left twice).

Alan Dale
Up-Date 20th March 14

Pix taken during my visit 20/3/14 - Photo: Noel Clarke

I had another wonderful 3 hour visit with Geoff this morning. On arrival found our mate Roland Hastings and the lovely Dianne were there awhile with Geoff.

This time Geoff was sitting in his bedside chair looking a lot brighter and very chatty, was great to spend so much time with him and to have him so talkative I guess it says something about the care he is receiving at the SAN, his carers are really marvellous people very friendly and so helpful.

Geoff is still having a lot of tests carried out on a daily basis so they are making sure he is right when he leaves hospital. The swelling in His leg has gone down, he now has two legs the same size, how about that.

One of the carers visited and was asking questions about his home to see if anything had to be done to make it safer and easier for Geoff & Tabbi to cope. Bathroom attachments, rails etc.

As you can see from the photo Geoff has really lost a lot of weight but hopefully the way he ate his lunch today he will pick up some as his health improves.

When anyone telephones the hospital now you'll be able to ask for Geoff Mack and get onto him as I went to the office and had the name places in brackets beside his hospital registered name.

OK, thats it for now.

Noel Clarke
Up-Date 23rd March 14
Hi Rae and I visited Geoff today this humble gentleman has the nursing staff in raptures with his outstanding Memory and who he is and what a fabulous life he has had he told us on SUNDAY he had a French nurse looking after him and then began singing in French together, what great harmony they had the nurses came in today to give his anti BIOTICS, when they found out who he was they didn't want to leave as he told his story to them It was a fabulous hour and half of laughter and story telling of a gentleman I feel blessed to be associated with Bruce and Geoff through the Echindas

Up-Date 25th March 14
A traumatic day! Tabbi rang me this morning in an hysterical state with news that Geoff was to be operated on today.
Between tears and hysteria she wanted the hospital to know that he was 91 and couldn't get through a procedure. Trying to calm her down was like trying to stop a sinking Titanic. I explained that I couldn't get information from the hospital as to Geoff's situation and said that if it was a serious matter they surely would have been in touch with her.

As she had a doctor's appointment at noon (to have her driver's licence details filled in) I suggested to speak to the doctor who should be able to get some information about Geoff. It is apparently an enlarged prostate that is being treated.

Then it was off to OPSM at 3 for the eye details to be filled in. I have arranged to pick her up tomorrow morning to take her to see Geoff if everything is normal. I kept telling her to slow down, take a deep breath or she will be the next we will be visiting.

Her health is very worrying and she bears constant watching. I am concerned as to her intake of nutritional food. As I am not living nearby it is hard to assess her eating habits.

Alan Dale
Up-Date 26th March 14

Pix taken during my visit 26/3/14 - Photo: Noel Clarke

Just arrived home from my visit to Geoff where I found he was again in good spirits after his ordeal yesterday. Though he tolds me he remembered going the theatre but not returning to his room. When he found out all was completed he was quite amazed.

The Dr came in whilst I was there and explained a few ideas they have for his future comfort when he goes home.

I must admit I enjoy my visits with Geoff as we can converse about old times and have a good bit of nastalgia with our chats. Geoff was in fine singing voice spoke of the french song/singing he and the nurse did when Kevin was there. He sang that song for me in fluent french, this man is a one in a million friend to everyone.

It's good to see him eating so well, he got stuvk into a pumpkin soup followed by a fish & salad plus with a fruit salad and custard all washed down with a cold apple juice.

Noel Clarke
Up-Date 31st March 14
Visited this morning and he was very chirpy especially with the card he got from Toni Stevens. He actually burst into laughter.

Last Thursday they put him under for a proposed op on his bladder. After placing a probe into the bladder they abandoned the procedure as his bladder was full of urine caused by his stroke preventation medication. The op will proceed this coming Thursday so visits will be curtailed.

His leg is still giving him problems and he finds it painful to stand. The blood was going to his foot but not going back up the leg. At least both legs look the same.

He loves the attention and puts a 4 star award on the catering. When ready he will go to Lady Davidson at Bobbin Head. Tabbi is being cared for by Pat Doody who was one of the talented ballet girls from the chorus line we admired.

Alan Dale
Up-Date 2nd April 14
I visited Geoff today only to find his room empty, bed gone, I guessed he was off to surgury and this was confirmed when I asked his nurse. I waited for his return which was only about 45 minutes later.
He was still groggy however opened his eyes long enough to see I was there he tried to talk but he was not able to do much talking so I bid him farewell telling him that like Macarthur I would return.

I must also say as I left I spoke to the nurses outside his door and as they were calling him Albert I suggested he would possibly prefer Geoff the told them who he was and they were quite excited about looking after a celeb. Good if it means he gets better service however I think he would get the service anyhow, they're wonderful.

Noel Clarke
Up-Date 4th April 14
Saw Geoff this morning. He was back to his usual jolly self. The op took me by surprise as he told me it was for Thursday. Apparently they decided to do the procedure a day or two earlier. I told him that you had visited and had caught him immediately following the op and he may have not remembered that you were there. He remembered all right. Said that when he started to come around he could only see everything all white. Then he saw a vision amongst the whiteness that he thought was his mother. It turned out that it was you he eventually was looking at but was not sure. My visit this morning was timely as he now knows it was you and not his mother.
He could be moved to Lady Davidson within days so check if visiting. A visit from Judy Stone the other day was gratefully accepted. A long way down from Soldiers Point and with her own medical problems, this was very much appreciated by Geoff.
Alan Dale
Up-Date 5th April 14
My wife Remy and myself called in on Geoff today, had a lovely visit Geoff saying he felt a lot better today though he didn't sleep much last night but he has his radio to listen to one of the programs he loves to catch is the 2ser country music at 5.00am.
Whilst we were there Tabbi arrived together with an old friend from the 1965-66 days of Carroll's Variety show Pat Doody who is staying with Tabbi at present.
I couldn't resist a photo opportunity.

Noel Clarke

Remy, Tabbi with our Geoff 5/4/14. Photo: Noel Clarke

Up-Date 8th April 14
Geoff has been transferred to Lady Davidson Hospital for rehab. He is room 16 at Duffy Ward. The hospital is on the left of Bobbin Head Road a couple of Ks down from Turramurra.
He is improving daily. Tabbi has a neice staying with her this week so she will have company and transport.

Alan Dale
Up-Date 9th April 14
Visited Geoff this morning. He is very comfortable and with the aid of a walker is taking short walks. His leg is still being treated and he has a long surgical stocking around it.
His foot has returned to a normal colour so that is an improvement. Rodney Marks asked me to take some chocolates to Geoff. I think the attentive nurses will be rewarded with the bulk of the supply.
Geoff asked me to thank Rodney for the kind thought. The facility at Lady Davidson is 5 star and parking is free although there could be more spaces. If you park outside on Bobbin Head Road be aware that the school nearby restricts the time. Read the signs!
Tabbi is visiting this afternoon with her neice.

Alan Dale
Up-Date 10th April 14
Called in on Geoff today to check his progress, wonderful to be able to say he was sounding and looking the best I've seen since his admittance to hospital.
I must agree with what Alan said about Lady Davidson Private Hospital it's a lovely place.
I snuck in on Geoff as he was eating his lunch, was able to sit a spell before he noticed I was there, he was shocked said "Where did you come from I didn't hear you". I guess the reason for that was the fact he was enjoying what looked like a beautiful meal. I left when a guy came with a wheel chair to take Geoff to therapy.

He is a bit concerned after a meeting yesterday with the powers-to-be about his situation on leaving hospital to return home as he and Tabbi will be unable to care for one another so he has to discuss again with DVA what is best for their future well being. I hope something can be sorted so Geoff can relax without the worry he now has.
Noel Clarke
Geoff at Lady Davidson Hospital 10th April 14 Pix: Noel Clarke

Up-Date 16th April 14
Visited Geoff today found him sitting in his chair dressed as you can see by the photo looking quite well. It's wonderful to visit the great man and to chat about some of the old times.

Though Geoff is concerned about his release from hospital as to how he and Tabbi are to cope. The people at the hospital have told Geoff he should have someone to care for he and Tabbi as they will be unable to care for themselves.

He was telling me he may have a solution with a hostel care type place at Lane Cove. Will see how that goes shortly.

I told him I'd been to ARROWS on Monday was talking to Lilly Connors who told me a story about being sent to a gig in Darwin during the 70s, she was quite scarred about going but was met at Darwin airport by Geoff Mack and she felt very safe as Geoff had been her guiding light during those days.

Geoff during visit 16th April.Pix: Noel Clarke

Noel Clarke
Up-Date 17th April 14
Visited Geoff Mack this morning. He really looks well. Making good with a deal of walking. Spent an hour in the "gymnasium" having a workout on his leg which is now down to a brightly coloured sock on his foot. He is having to consider some changes to his everyday living at home when he is released. The social worker is taking into account the need to cater for Tabbi as well.

More news on his future needs after his meeting with management team this afternoon. Gave him a report on Arrows where Lily Connors, George Payne, Kenny Kitching and others asked after his welfare.

Alan Dale
Up-Date 22nd April 14
I rang Geoff to check on his progress and spoke to Tabbi who said "The Boyfriend" wasn't himself today however I tried to spoak to him for a short time. Told him of an email I'd received from The USA about the use of his song in a movie I wasn't sure he actually followed what i was saying so I rang him again this morning 24th he sounded much better, back to himself again which I was glad to hear.

Noel Clarke
Up-Date 24th April 14
Looked in on Geoff this morning. Said he was a lot better with his foot being treated with lots of dressings and physio.

Was saddened that he could not attend his air force buddies Anzac Day lunch. Also regretted that he could not get to a funeral for one of those guys that died only Monday. And to make it worse, the funeral was being held today at a church just down the street from the Lady Davidson hospital. My daughter (head of nursing there) said that Geoff could get a leave pass if he felt up to the service and could arrange transport but it was too big an ask for Geoff at this stage.

Geoff wants to go to his Mt. Ku-Ring-Gai home when he is well enough and is looking forward to being re-united there with Tabbi. I got the feeling that he will try to make a go of it there before he and Tabbi consider some alternative. Let's give them all the help we can to settle back to their familiar surroundings.

Alan Dale
Up-Date 30th April 14
Hi All,
Geoff was busy taking a stroll through the corridors of Lady Davidson this morning after a physio session. Has no idea when he will be released to go home. Is comfortable with his situation and is certainly progressing daily. He has his foot dressing attended to every morning and can stand on the foot although it still causes a little pain.

Was disappointed that he could not take Tabbi for lunch as it is her birthday. We had a long chat until his doctor arrived for his regular visit.

Offered to take Geoff to Echidnas if he felt up to it. Will check with him as time draws near.

Alan Dale
Up-Date 12th May 14
Hi all,
Geoff was quite happy with himself this morning. Apparently he has had trouble with pain when putting his full weight on his right foot. He pointed to a small jar on his window ledge and asked me to inspect the article inside. An orderly was attending to his foot dressing when he noticed a suspicious lump.

With a pair of tweezers he extracted a small jagged bone and immediately Geoff felt relief to the point where he could stand on the dodgy leg with ease and absolutely pain free.

As I watched this morning, a nurse attended to the wound and dressed Geoff's foot with a bandage and bright orange sock. The smile on his face was testimony to the relief that he was now feeling. I'm sure that the little jar with the piece of bone will be a talking point for years to come.

He is naturally concerned about Tabbi's welfare and can't wait to be reunited with her as soon as he is released. You can give him a cheerio call

at Lady Davidson (02) 9488 0111.

Alan Dale
Up-Date 15th May 14
Geoff has benn moved as of yesterday (Wednesday 14th) to a luxurious aged care facility at the following address:
17 Greengate Road Killara.
He has a direct phone line at (02) 9418 5404.
Since the extraction of the piece of bone in his foot he is able to care for himself and can shower and enjoy a walk in the magnificent surrounds of his new home. Tabbi is still being chaperoned by Pat Doody which is a wonderful situation for her.
I will call on Geoff tomorrow morning (Friday) and give another report.

Alan Dale
Up-Date 15th May 14
Remy and I dropped in on Geoff this afternoon spent just over two hours of an enjoyable visit. Geoff is looking as good as I've seen him in the past 2 or 3 years, his only worry now is Tabbi being left alone though he did say Tabbi had a friend who is, I think he said, staying with her at the moment.

Apparently the area has had a bit of a scare with a gastric problem so Remy & I had to wear a yellow gown together with mask & gloves, Geoff got quite a shock when we walked in. I received a phone call from Roland Hastings while we were there so with the call on speaker we were all able to have a chat.

It is so wonderful so see Geoff get up and walk into his room without the pain on his face due to the foot problem. His accommodation is a small one bedroom unit virtually seff contained if he had an electric jug he could also make his own coffe it's a very nice unit.

Noel Clarke
We had to dress like this for our visit - Pix: Noel Clarke

Up-Date 16th May 14
Hi all,
Was refused admittance to see Geoff this morning. Gastro outbreak is no better. Bad luck for Geoff to walk into that situation.
Spoke to Tabbi and Pat who had to dress like surgeons yesterday when they visited. Now the next door neighbours in number 9 are not permitted to go near the care facility. Could be two weeks before Geoff goes home.
Fire brigade installed smoke alarms for Tabbi today and other jobs are being completed for the homecoming. Tabbi is determined to take Geoff up the road to the famous Greengate Hotel when the coast is clear. She reckons he will enjoy a beer.

Alan Dale
Up-Date 26th May 14
Tabby was moved into Killara Gardens last Friday to be with Geoff. It is a two week stay until their home has had renovations including some urgent electrical work.
To see Geoff sitting on a bench at the front garden waiting patiently for his girlfriend was something to behold. After such a long parting it was like a fairyland re-union. They are both very well with Geoff's heel giving less pain each day since he had the loose bone removed.
Geoff's direct line is 9418 5404 and Tabby 9418 5430. Geoff's room is 4 and Tabby is 30. They are on seperate floors but meet up for meals etc.
Pat Doody is taking Geoff home this Wednesday to take care of some business and to make adjustments for their homecoming.
There have been many phone calls to the house making enquiries on the Macks. These are usually left on the answering machine as Pat Doody cannot answer them all.
Would you let your friends know of their present whereabouts and of their well being.

Alan Dale
Up-Date 4th June 14
Hi all,
Life is not plain sailing after all. After announcing that Geoff Mack and Tabby would be leaving Killara Gardens after their respite honeymoon, I have to inform you that the return to their home at Mt. Ku-Ring-Gai has been delayed because of a serious outbreak of gastro enteritis.
Tabby is fine but is confined to her room whereas Geoff is not too good at all having suffered the worst of the malady. The gastro struck when Geoff was admitted to the premises two weeks ago and caused a cancellation of visitors. How long they will be staying in isolation is not known at this point.
Tabby is speaking to Geoff via phone and I can vouch for her well being as we had a long conversation this morning.
Phone numbers again are Geoff 9418 5430 and Tabby 9418 5404.
Keep in touch,

Alan Dale
Up-Date 9th June 14
Called in today for an almost 3 hour visit with Geoff & Tabbi, Met Geoff's neice, Jan, who Geoff is so very grateful to for all her work packing up his clothes and other choirs she has done to make ready for the return to their home tomorrow Tuesday 10th June, for the first time, for Geoff, since his admittance to hospital on the 12th March.
Geoff certainly is a whole lot better in himself now than how he looked and felt on entry to hospital. Walking so much better since the removal of the floating bone from his foot.
Tabbi had just been to the hair dressers and looked a million dollars but still fussed around to make Geoff & I a "Froffee Coffee" as she called it.
The accommodation at Killara Gardens is just fantastic just like a motel room with kitchenette all self contained.
This shot was taken at Kilara Gardens - Pix: Noel Clarke

OK our next visit to Geoff & Tabbi will be to their home. Good luck to you both & God Bless.

Noel Clarke
- Up-Date 28th July 14
Geoff & Tabbi along with a lovely lady Janet who was their carer accompanied me on a trip to Woy Woy to attend the ARROWS Luncheon where we had a great day.
There was a small problem like the caterers not turning up but what the heck it was only a luncheon for about 70-80 people. I must compliment the secretary/manager of the club who rolled up his sleeves and with a couple of staff did the buying, cooking and sereving which got everyone out of trouble and a great day ended with everyone departing with happy thoughts of the day.

ARROWS luncheon Woy Woy LeaguesPix: Noel Clarke

Up-Date 4th August 14
Alan Dale advises that Geoff was admitted this time to Hornsby hospital for a small procedure to make adjustments to a previous repair.
I'll be calling to pay a visit Thursday 7th so will advise further after that visit.

Noel Clarke
Up-Date 20th August 14
I've just returned home after a visit to see Geoff in Hornsby Hospital.
He was taken by ambulance to hospital where it was found he had suffered a heart attack, he was transferred to SAN Hospital at Wahroonga where he underwent an operation to fit a pacemaker.
He was then returned to Hornsby on Monday, he got up and went for a walk with his frame Tuesday and when I saw him today he was eating his lunch and looked great wonderful skin colour and quite talkative. We had a good chat, he is hoping to go home by the weekend.

Noel Clarke
Up-Date 27th July 15
A phone call from Geoff at 2 PM today surprised me with the news that he is in hospital at Benalla (Bingara Private) with a breathing problem.
A good old dose of the flu has brought on a complication with lung and sinus issues.
He is on the mend after an urgent ambulance trip with him gasping for breath.

Up-Date 2nd August 15
Geoff Mack is out of hospital and is feeling much better. His breathing problem has improved and he is aiming to return to his Mt. Ku-Ring-Gai residence very soon.
He intends to attend the Sidesplitters Tuesday with Tabby as it is a Ladies Day Lunch!

Very Up-Date 12th August 15
FIRSTLY my apology for not adding updates as I received them, there weren't many since Geoff & Tabbi travelled up to the Gold Coast to stay with Geoff's neice Jan.
I've spoken several times with Geoff just to check on he & Tabbi and whilst they have had their ups & downs in the most part they have been doing quite well, the climate is agreeing with them.

Noel Clarke

From Alan Dale.
Got a call from Geoff. He has a chest infection and is in a private hospital in Southport. Tabbi is also in the same facility with a problem stomach related to her hip operation.
Seems she is having digesting troubles which is not good as the need for nourishment is paramount.
Geoff was not aware of the Hill's Hoist commercials and thanked me so that he can have his accountant investigate.
More royalty cheques coming Geoff's way! Catfish has been in touch on behalf of the Sidesplitters so I reckon they will be keeping tabs on both patients.

Up-Date 5th October 16

My wife, Remy, and I visited Geoff & Tabbi today at their neice's home in Southport and had a lovely stopover with them. The day we were there they were both in good spirits and it was just fantastic to be able to visit with them.
What delight Geoff's niece Jan is so with the help of a carer and Jan I feel sure both Geaff & Tabbi are in good hands.
Geoff told us he was off to the sidesplitters the following Tuesday which would make it 11th October so he is still able to get about. I did let him know he was missed at the Echidnas meetings

Noel Clarke

Up-Date 31st December 16
Again together with my wife Remy we dropped in on Geoff & Tabbi and had a lovely afternoon with them and Neice Jan with husband Leo. We also had a chat with carer Maureen, she took this photo for us.
As most will know anytime we get to visit with Geoff & Tabbi there is so much to talk about you can come away with a smile on your face and perhaps even a song on youur heart, certainly with love in your heart.
As can be seen in the photo Tabbi is ever the entertainer and must look the part, God bless her. Geoff by his own words is slowing down where he once walked to the front gate and up the street 4 or 5 houses he now can only make it to the front gate and back, after all he is 94 so he is doing well.
Noel Clarke

Seated: Geoff, Tabbi - Standing: Leo & Jan Salmi - Noel & Remy Clarke.

Up-Date 20th July 17
It is with great sadness that today I advise the passing of our great friend.
I understand a private service will be held for Geoff followed by a "Celebration of Life" function on the Gold Coast in the next couple of weeks.
For those of us that cannot make it up to the GC will be able to attend a "Celebration of Life" for Geoff in Sydney in late August.
Information will be made known when arrangements are finalised where all entertainment groups will be invited to take part.
Noel Clarke

ABC television YouTube, I've Been Everywhere

Up-Date 21st August 17
Today at the Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Club a wonderful gathering of friends from the various entertainment clubs/groups said our last farewell to the one, the only, our very special friend...
Noel Clarke
Geoff Mack OAM - R.I.P Mate.
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