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Echidna Frankie Davidson OAM

Frankie undergoes open heart surgery ... Picture: Noel Clarke

June 1, 2017
From Noel Clarke
Just spoke to our sick mate & member...
Frankie Davidson still in hospital a month since his open heart op.
Was to go home couple weeks back but was kept in (after school) bad Behaviour, then was to go home earlier this week but found he has an infection of some sort possibly from intravenous line in arm. New date for discharge is now next Tuesday 6th June, the day after our Echidnas meeting.
Frankie has a direct phone number at the hospital 8425 3106
June 6, 2017
From Noel Clarke
It was fantastic to see Frankie back at the Echidnas June meeting. Albeit a little quiter that usual he was looking very good for a guy who had been hit by a bus (so to speak)
The zipper in his chest was all done up and he was welcomed back with applause, good onya Frankie. Kindest
June 12, 2017
From Roland Hastings
Over the past several weeks Ive had the pleasure of talking to Frankie Davidson as regards his health issues. If not Frankie then his wife Helen. Prior to going in for his op we had many conversations and he was always positive, just wanting to get it done and dusted. Our conversations after the procedure were virtually just a few words but as the weeks progressed and his strength returned he became more animated, always with a joke and a laugh.
For anybody out there who knows someone whose sick, if you can spare the time for just a quick gday and speaking from experience being on the receiving end of such calls the mere fact of a friendly voice on the other end of the phone is certainly a tonic. Regards
June 12, 2017
Special thank you from Frankie & Helen
Frankie called to say thank you from he & Helen to all who have either visited the hospital or telephoned to check on his health over the past few months during and after his operation.
They both expressed their appreciation for the show of thoughtfulness and caring from Echidna members and other friends. To know there are friends that really care is something they wish to let everyone know how very grateful they are. Kind regards
Frankie & Helen.
June 15, 2017
Frpm: Noel Clarke
Spoke to Frankie today he said he and Helen had been out to lunch with The Allisons had good of medication by way of laughter.
Being quite positive about life said he was taking things one day at a time he still has a great sense of humour.
June 16, 2017
From: Rex & Wendy Allison
Frank and Helen came for lunch today, it was like old times, we all had a big laugh.

Great to see our mate back on his feet.
Frank is still in recovery from his operation, which is to be expected, so it will be a little while before his recovery is complete.

Helen is doing a fabulous job looking after him.

Rex & Wendy.                                         Photo: Mar 6, 17 by Noel Clarke
July 16, 2017
From: Noel Clarke
It was wonderful to see Frankie together with his beautiful bride Helen attend the Debs lunch today.

Frankie looked to be in pretty fair form though much quitter than I'm sure he would prefer.
I must say even with his quitter form he did look very good when considering what he has been through, keep going Frankie I'm sure you'll be fighting fit soon.. God bless.
Kind regards

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