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Recovering in Hornsby Hospital.- Photo: Noel Clarke

I, along with Alan Dale paid Frank a visit in Hornsby hospital. We delivered a laptop computer that Echidnas voted to purchase for him to keep him occupied.

Frank has suffered a stroke which left him without the use of his left side. He is having some intensive therephy learning to walk again. He is pretty much fed up with his inactivity after being so active throughout his life. But is sticking to his workouts.

Frank would be happy to welcome you if you'd like to visit him, he still likes to have a chat and being in hospital it becomes quite boring after a while.
Till next time
Noel Clarke
Fri 7th Mar 14
I popped in on Frank for a visit to see how he was progressing.
Whilst the Bass Hill facility is wonderful and the staff good, particularly one nurse who can't seem do enough for Frank, shes very courtious always with a smile. Frank is in a room of 4 which under normal circumstances would be great but in this case the other people are in worse condition than Frank so he doesn't get much in the way of conversation. All he has is his TV.

Frank admitted he was ready to pass on that he was fed up with his illness that he's been fighting for the past three years, so I can assure you he would love, and may I suggest, he needs visitors to maintain his sanity.

I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm really asking for people to pay a visit but thats exactly what I'm asking, our old mate really needs company.

Noel Clarke
Thurs 13th Mar 14
Called in on Frank for another visit and low 'n' behold the entertainment charities have been busy again showing how they look after their fellow entertainers who are in need of assistance They have purchased a new television complete with inbuilt DVD player which will help pass the time of day as well as a "you beaut" well padded wheel chair for Frank to exercise his ability to drive himself around the facility, Frank likes to be independant and the wheels gives him that.

He wasn't feeling all that flash when I arrived, couldn't eat his lunch for fear of it escaping his body in a not too pleasant way. But even so he was quite talkative as you all know our mate like a chat or six.

God bless you Frank you just keep on fighting you've done it now for three years you can do it another three tears or for as long as it takes to beat your problem.

Till next time
Noel Clarke
Frank Garaty
Frank on Thursday 6th March 2014. Photo: Noel Clarke

Mon 24th Mar 14
Visited Frank today with Bobby Bradford. I have to say Frank was is very good spirits though as mad as hell as he couldn't seem to get through to one of the staff that he required a taxi as he had to be at Westmead for a 4pm appointment. The staff member said the booking had been made for 4pm thats when the shouting started when the fellow booking the cab didn't seem to realise Frank had to travel to the hospital and needed an earlier booking than 4pm to get him there on time. Anyway alls well that ends well the cab was then booked for 2.30pm. by one of the women who understood our cranky Franky. I might also mention she told Frank that the cab hadn't been booked anyway thayt it was her job to book the cab. I guess you can now understand Frank's anger.

Frank seemed to be able to get himself into and out of bed and looked a lot better that last time we saw him.

He is still very much upset and we believe it's due to the fact he cannot get good conversation his room campanions are not able to discuss the footy or anything else for that matter.

His TV is fantastic at least he has heaps of movies he can watch with the USB filled with them, plus he can also watch DVDs.

Noel Clarke
Echidna Frank Garaty
More about Frank and the Monthly "Frank Garaty Day" at Bass Hill RSL Club 4th Monday of each month.

Wed 2nd April 14
Called in on Frank again today he was sound asleep, he'd been watching a movie and dropped off.

He woke up and it took him a short while to start to focus but we chatted away awhile when a nurse came in, a young Vietnamese nurse I'd met on a previous visit, she's very nice & helpful.

She asked us both if we'd like a couple of pancakes and not one to knock back a pancake we both accepted her offer, wow!! they were very tasty so when she offered another couple we again accepted, pancakes with strawberry jam & cream, mouth watering yet?

For Bobby Bradford's benefit I can tell you Frank had another crash in his wheel chair bent the foot rest again I guess the same maintenance man will fix it for him.

Frank has so many movies and TV series shows to watch he can stay where he is for the next 12 months and still have more to watch that he hasn't seen. He has 128 movies on a USB flash drive. but even with all these he looks forward to people visiting him.

If you do get a chance to visit any of our members in sick bay please send me an email with your visit details so it can be added here.

Noel Clarke
Mon 7th April 14
Joined a few of the Galahs this morning for a cheer up visit to Frank Garaty. We lunched at the Bass Hill RSL and Frank motored down in his new electric wheels.

Great company and was a tonic for Frank who had many funny tales to relate.

We have decided to make this a "Day for Frank" on a monthly basis to give him something to look forward to.
Nice to see two ladies (Bernadette and Harriett) join in the day. The food was very inexpensive, fresh and also plentiful. Another reason for bonding with Frank at this venue.

Alan Dale
Tues 15th April 14
Visited Frank today and he was on a bit of a downer not too good at all. Was unhappy with everyone. I'll call again on Saturday to see if he's improved.

Sat 19th April 14
Today Frank was upset his (sports car) chair was not working so confined to bed I know absolutely nothing about the workings of a wheelchair so he was going to speak to Bobby to see if he could do something to get it fixed. He loves that chair, gives him such a feeling of independence.
I know others have visited Frank so if you would like to let me know when you visit I can add your message re Frank's health.

Noel Clarke

Fri 29th June 14
Called in on Frank today found him sitting in the electric chair, nah, he'll be OK not switched on. by the way the chair is working OK however Frank sais "Touch Wood"

He was saddend to hear of the passing of Lola said she was a real honey.

He also said that tomorrow, Saturday 21st will be the 3rd anniversary of his stroke and hearing the Doc telling his wife and daughetr that his stroke expectancy would be known within the next 24hours.

Frank told me he'd died 3 times so apparently he is not wanted up there just yet.
If anyone has some time to spare I know Frank would love to see you even for a few minutes. Another item I know he is looking forward to is the next trip down the road for the gathering of the Galahs
Noel Clarke

Frank on Friday 20th June 2014 Pix: Noel Clarke

Tue 8th July 14
I visited Frank today and ended up chatting for quite some time arriving at 2:15pm and leaving at 4:45pm

It's Franks birthday next Thursday 17th July, I spoke to Bobby Bradford and he is arranging a day at the Bass Hill RSL club for 1:00pm so if anyone would like to attend to cheer our mate up just pop along by 1:00pm and join the group for some lunch. 4 Echidna members, Roland Hastings Bobby Bradford, Kenny Graham & Noel Clarke have indicated they will be attending.

Whilst I was there Roland rang to check in on Frank who really appreciates receiving visits or phone calls.If you can spare a little time to give Frank a call he can be contacted on 0412 180 241.

Frank really does need visits or calls to keep him going, as he is becomimg very disponded and sick of his current situation.

Noel Clarke

Mon 6th July 15
It's been quite some time... actually from the date shown it's been 12 months. But I visit Frank at Least once a week, a visit I and as he says, he enjoys too.

Today Frank was in good spirits & we chatted for just over 2 hours. I take him a pack of cigarettes and a video or two to keep him entertained as much as possible.

Frank spoke of the enjoyment he gets from his "Frank Garaty Day" eack month. The link at the foot of this column takes you to the monthly reports & photos of those in attendance at the monthly gatherings.
As I was about to leave today, being the firat Monday of the month and is Echidnas night, he asked me to pass on his best wishes and thanks to those who visit he said there is no way he could adequately show is appreciation.

If anyone is passing by Bass Hill maybe you could pop in for a few minutes to say hi to Frank I know he appreciates a visit to help rid him of his bordom.

By the way our next Frank Garaty Day will be on the 20th July to celebrate his birthday which is on the 17th.

This is a group picture from our last Frank Garaty Day

Noel Clarke
Mon 17th October 16
It's been over 12 months since the last report here however in that time Frank has had some good and some not so good days. He's even been into hospital for the removal of his gaul bladder, probably a fancy medical way of spelling that but you know what I mean I'm sure. However since the op he has had more good days that bad.
One of those days saw Frank performing at the Bass Hill RSL Club, now don't get up and do the highland fling or whatever. The story goes like this....
At the July lunch Peter Paki & I were sitting to gether at lunch when he suggested that we should have a kaoroke day for Frank, I tell you the idea received a immediate response from me, like, bloody great idea and Peter said he would arrange it, we set the date for 17th October and when that day arrived Peter had outdone himself we had a 4 piece band along with 14 performers including Frank who sang 2 songs including "My Way" and he pulled it off in style, he received a standing ovation which almost brought him to tears.
Peter Paki rounded out the show and then Frank thanked Peter and everyone who took park and who came in support, now thats when he became very emotional and he had to cut his speach at that point.
But what a day it was and we'll be forever grateful to Peter the band and the performers.
Our thanks also goes to all who took part starting with the band: John Charter & John Keating Keyboard, Dennis McQuiggan on drums, Benny on bass and that special guy Woody Finlayson - Guitar.(Delltones)
Performers: Featuring Frank Garaty, Lisa Cook, Lynne Fletcher, Jenny Graham, Peter Paki, Booka Hyland, Col Smith, Paul Martell, Morgan Kent, John Campbell, Kenny Graham, Bobby Bradford and Ziggy Zapata.

Noel Clarke
For further up-dates check over on Frank Garaty Day