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This writer and several friends, inluding my wife Remy, were fortunate enought to be in the audience to catch the end of an erea. After 42 years in partnership as one of the greatest comedy duos doing the rounds it has finally come to an end. So this performance was to be an extra special one and special it was.

These guys, Brett & Roland really are, were the very best Australia has to offer in comedy.

Brett as the straight man is loaded with talent, has a great singing voice and works the audience as though he's been doing it for 42 years, oh, whats
Thomas & Moore Final Gig
that? they have been together for 42 years. Hmmm thats right I already said that at the top.

Obviously Brett will go on as a solo act no doubt taking advantage of that great voice.

As for the little guy well what can one say about this man? small in stature but big and as bold as brass talent plus and has the faces to go along with that talent. Has a wonderful way of getting the crowd on his side when his big bossy mate gives him a hard time he puts on one of his faces and the clowd all show their sorrow for him with their oooos and aarrrs.

I had a feeling the end of todays gig would be a tough one particularly for Roland and I wasn't wrong it just got too much for him and it showed which was felt I would think by everyone in that audience I will also include his mate though Brett was able to hold it all together it showed on his face as well that the end had come.

As I'm the lucky one that happens to be writing this I get the opportunity to say farewell to Thomas & Moore here. I'm glad I had the chance to see the final performance, it's one I'll remember for many a long year. I congratulate Brett & Roland on a wonderful 42 years and wish Brett all the very best for his solo career which I'm confident will blossom.

To Roland, mate I know you still have your other commitments that are not as demanding so you can look after your health and still keep your hand in with you current club work so you're not lost to the entertainment world just a little hidden shall we say.

Anyway mate it's only farewell not goodbye may you & Di have a long loving, healthy life filled with joy & happiness for many, many years to come, we'll see you around.
Noel Clarke
If anyone would like to add a tribute here please email it to me and I'll add to this page.
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