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Roland Hastings
As a Marriage Celebrant I bring a wealth of experience to my craft. I have been a Professional Entertainer for many years, winning awards from my Peers and Iím quite at home organising, planning and presenting functions.

I am able to tailor a Marriage Ceremony to suit your needs and circumstances and ensure that your special day runs smoothly and above all to guarantee a relaxed and professional Wedding.

Iím not the tallest Celebrant on the block but what I lack in height I make up in commitment, dedication to detail and personality.

My service includes a sound system, c.d. player, a microphone stand and an extra radio microphone for readings. If need be I will supply a signing table.

Not only do I solemnise Marriages but also Commitment Ceremonies, Re Affirmation and Baby Naming.

I would dearly love to meet you and your Partner and plan with you your special day.
Information courtesy Rolands Website
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