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Rodney is a corporate comedian who creates and presents joke-name double-talking characters. His first comic hoax performance was 20 years ago, in 1991. He delivers about 100 shows annually, usually as corporate entertainment at business events, conferences and meetings. He has performed throughout Australia, and has had over 30 international tours, to England, Mauritius, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu and the United States. He has been a comedy MC also since 1991, and has performed stand-up comedy since 1988.
He has been visiting professor-at-large at UNSW (2007), and artist-in-residence at the Macquarie Dictionary (2002-03), UNE (2001-02), the AGSM
Rodney Marks
(1980). (2000-01), Harvard (1995) and Shalom College
Rodney has been listed in Who’s Who in Australia for 15 years, and in the Concise Companion to Theatre in Australia. He has degrees from UNE, UNSW and Harvard.
Rodney has been president of the National Speakers Association of Australia (2007-08), and he holds their highest international accreditation: Certified Speaking Professional.
Your unique skill as the consummate corporate impostor adds a wonderful dimension to any conference. All the preparatory work you put in certainly pays off. I can’t think of a better-equipped MC. Looking forward to working with you again, Doctor whoever-you-are-today.
Comic Hoaxer What does Rodney do, and what is a comic hoax? He arrives at an event in character, and mingles with attendees. If it is a conference, he will attend a seminar, and ask a question; if it is a dinner, he will attend pre-dinner drinks and work the room.
This mixing establishes the credibility of Rodney’s comic character. At some agreed point, often advertised in the program, he will be called to a lectern to deliver a “keynote address”.
At the conclusion of the “speech”, the performance continues with a Q&A session. These questions are not set up. Those in-the-know about the hoax are observers. This time gives funny people in the group a chance to have some revenge … not really on Rodney, but on those who booked him.
Comedy MC Rodney has extensive experience as a comedy MC, at events ranging from awards nights and cocktail parties to multi-day conferences. Usually he is a comic hoax character, but sometimes clients want him to be a straightforward comedian and to be identified as himself.

Information courtesy Rodney Marks Corporate Comedian
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