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By Rex Allison

June 6, 2017
On the 1st of April, my wife, Wendy and myself boarded an English cruise Ship on a world tour, in Singapore.
Ports visited were K.L.,Penang,Phuket,Chennai(Madras), Colombo, Maldives, Salalah, Safaga, Aqaba,transit Suez Canal, Ashdod for Jerusalem, Malta, Gilbraltar, Lisbon, arriving in U.K. On 5th May.

The small ship, The Magellan was amazing, so much so we didn't want To get off.
I made friends with the guest entertainers, all English comedians, great Guys with great sense of humours. Entertainment was excellent.
Having only 800passengers on board it made it more enjoyable.
Upon arrival in U.K. We had a chauffeur driven car, courtesy of Wendy's Cousin, Roger Daltrey, lead singer of the Who, whose property we Stayed on in Sussex. Roger has three working trout ponds, so spent time fishing in his ponds, which are managed. We had a feel of What living life as the rich and famous would be like, and found it not too hard to take. Roger has 500 acres of the most amazing country, in Burwash Commnon. He has 250 head of cattle, and lives on his property, an English Manor house built in 1610.

Saw two shows in the west end, one being 42nd Street, absolutely amazing with great visuals, costuming and choreography.
Spoke to Bobby Dennis a few times, he is looking forward to visiting us in August/September. Bobby is still as bright as a button, and we shared many stories and laughs. I also spoke to Johnny Smythe, who sends his regards to the Echidna's. John is happily retired in Bournemouth.

I might add, after 9 weeks, we were looking forward to be Oz bound to catch up with family, and all our great mates.
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