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Our Return to Croydon Park
We returned to the new look club after extensive renovations by new owners Burwood RSL and what a job they've done. Very swish, plush, Echidna members were suitably impressed and quickly agreed we would be very happy returning to our regular home, well regular in that it's the same address but what a club.

Lots of photos were taken on the night as we had lots of Echidnas and guests in attendance, almost a full house. Our biggest group in quite some time lets hope we have many more nights like this as it certainly adds to the fun of the night, and this was a fun night.

REQUEST please always phone Alan to book in as the staff had a hurried job to add some tables and make the food go a bit further, however we are very fortunate to courteous, helpful people who got on with the job all the time with smiles on their pleasant faces, also done at quick time pace, thank you from a grateful bunch of pricks, well thats shorter than spelling Echidnas, 6 letters rather than 8.

King Brett Thomas, Paul Martell, Darren Carr & Prince Morgan Kent. All MO Award winners in 2015

The Echidnas The Australian Order of Comedians