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Echidnas Picture Gallery
Photos from Election night 2nd February 2015
Geoff, Kenny Rex, Frankie, Roland, Brett, Morgan, Barry
Frank, John, Roy, Ray, Denis, Alam, Simon, Graham
Bob, John, Geoff, Noel (mt chair) Rob, Chris
Alan Dale & King Emeritus Bruce Sacre

    This fine group of Echidnas paid a visit to Cardinal Freeman Hospital to help celebrate the 60th Wedding Anniversary of our King Bruce and his
lovely bride Elsie. on Monday 6th January 2014 - We put on a show for the residents which was hosted by Rodney Marks with music by John Charter
Photo above added: 6th January 2014
Geoff & Tabbi celebrate 50 years of marraige.
Kenny Graham
winner of a 2013 MO award
Mr Smooth
Simon Bartlett
Paul Martell & Bruce Sacre
MO Awards
Bobby Rydell & John Chater
at ARROWS Luncheon 2014
Bobby Rydell & Ross Hutchison
ARROWS Luncheon 2014
Lucky Starr & Geoff Mack
MO Awards 2013
Alan Dale & Barrie Meredith
2013 Echidnas Christmas
Santa Aurel Verne
2010 Echidnas Christmas
Tabbi & Geoff Mack 2012
Celebrate Geoff's 90th Birthday
King Emeritus Bruce & Elsie
60th Anniversary 2014
Frank Garaty
24/9/14 Frank Garaty Day
The Echidnas The Australian Order of Comedians