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Echidnas pictures from the past

Hon. Life KIng Bruce Sacre emeritus, Bernadette Ramsay, Tabbie Francis and Hal Wayne at Bruce's 80the birthday bash

What a happy bunch, great photo, when I found this one I just had to add it. My guess is one of Michael Osborne's?
Dearly departed Echidnas Lyle Richardson (far right) in the background also John Bogie at the table and now the great Arthur Clegg beside our long serving King Bruce Sacre - 20 consecutive years as King Echidna and now 2014 awarded Honorary Life King with added word "Emeritus"

Oh, What A Night

The Echidnas arranged a special night for veteran performer Lucky Grills at Riverwood Legion Club on 4th July 2001.

Pictured with life long friend and co-performer Geoff Mack,

The evening was conducted as a "roast" with many show business personalities giving their time and talents to entertain the large audience.

Thanks to Doug McLaughlin for making the venue available so that proceeds could be banked into the Echidnas account for future funding of projects and a helping hand for those in need because of illness or other unseen problems.

Lucky had just been given the Wallace Award in Queensland for "Comic of the Year".

After 50 years in the game Lucky is busy writing a book on his career both on and off the stage.

The evening raised $3,019.50 after a considerable late minute contribution by the then Mayor of Ryde and former entertainer Ivan Petch.

Alan Dale

Kenny Graham & Rodney Marks, Hey Rod the gun is supposed to be pointed at Kenny to make him drink Kenny Graham in his role as a drunk. For people outside Echidnas can you keep a secret? Kenny's a teetotaller
The very funny Peter Dean juiced or not he's a laugh a minute
The Godfather of the Echidnas, the legendary Life Member & all round Mr Nice Guy Geoff Mack
Two long time buddy's from way back, "Carol Varieties Days" Lucky & Geoff.
Just some of the many attendees on the night with Lucky & Geoff in the forground.

The Echidnas The Australian Order of Comedians