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My earlier memories of wanting to become a country artist started when I guess I was about 10 or 12, at that time we lived on a dairy farm in the far North of NSW just north of Lismore.

As a kid I loved riding my horse and being Gene Autry or Roy Rogers as I rode around the farm bringing in the cattle.

I was 15 when I first met a young Reg Lindsay and he became a friend for life. Several years later, I guess I was about 20 during one of Reg's many tours to the area he invited me to appear on his show and I jumped at the oportunity. I then did a short tour with the show in and around the north of NSW. I still have friends from that show to this day, Nev Nicholls, Kevin King & Chad Morgan.
Noel Clarke
At the end of my short stay Reg asked me if I'd like to join the show, of course I was delighted so he said he would advise me where to met up with them in about 6 weeks.
I continued with my normal gigs in the area at night whilst my daytime job consisted of a casual driveway attendant giving driveway service as was did in those days. I must have done a fairly good job as Ampol Petroleum had just built a new service station in the town and asked me to manage it for them again while still doing my nightime gigs. All this took place over that same 6 or 7 week period.
My circumstances changed in that time as well and when the call came to join the show I reluctantly had to turn it down. My bad luck was good luck for one beautiful young lady named Judy Stone.
I also became a regular on Radio 2LM's "Radio Ranch" for a period where we sang live to air, make mistakes, naaaa never. It was fun to do that program which was on relay through 2KM Kemsey as well.
1959 to 61 as a member of a 4 pce band I basked in the glory as a singer at the Hotel Golan in Lismore what a great time we had there every Friday & Saturday night.
Fate had it's way and on moving to Sydney in 1963 it all came to an end, but I still love the world of entertainment.
These days I very much enjoy the company of friends in clubs such as the mighty Echidnas, been a member there since 2007 thanks to another wonderful friend Geoff Mack, he invited me along one night and I have been there ever since, great bunch of members. I'm also a proud member of ARROWS entertainers past & present working prior to 1963. I enjoy their company at a luncheon about every three months where we get to chat. But of course my greatest pride is my wife & family. Wife Remy 6 children 7 grand children and 2 great grand children. Love it.
Guess who? no prizes this is a young Noel during those fun days
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