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Harry Griffiths
This photograph of Harry & Dimity Griffiths was taken on the 6th January 2014 at Cardinal Freeman Lodge at Ashfield during a visit by Echidnas Club members to celebrate the 60th Wedding Anniversary of King Emeratis Echidna Bruce Sacre and wife Elsie.
Harry was one of the entertainers who donated his time to entertain the residents, even though he was not a well man at that time. it was wonderful to see him do his thing bringing smiles to the faces of the assembled residents.
It wasn't long after that Harry received the sad news that his illness has spread and that he worse that he thought. What a wonderful human being he will be sorely missed by many, many people who enjoyed not only his company but his unique style of humour.
Sadley Harry passed away on 2nd September 2014, his funeral was at St Marys Anglican Church in Waverely. The order of service booklet that I and many others were so impressed with gives a snippett of Harry's life. The family has done a marvellous job the way it is presented so to allow visitors to this site the opportunity to read through it we have added it here.
13th September 2014
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