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2017 Gut Foundation Concert

Get ready for a entertainment filled evening with song, dance and comedy all rolled into the one gigantic show.

“The ‘Gut Foundation’ is a registered charity that has successfully produced an annual concert to raise funds for research into cancers associated with the stomach. When Digby Richards died of pancreatic cancer in 1983 the concerts were named in his memory. Now that we have reached the milestone of 60 years of Australian Rock’n’Roll it is proposed that, in association with ARROWS members (Australian Rock n Roll Original we won't worry about the "W") we organise an anniversary production. With our dear friend Dave Bridge now suffering from stomach cancer it is imperative that we give ‘due consideration to this worthy cause’ ”.
“The Digby Richards and Johnny O’Keefe Memorial Concert”.
Will be held Saturday 7th October at the Arena Club (ex Greyhound Club @ Rookwood Rd Yagoona)
Tony Brady, Kevin Todd, Roland Storm, Johnny Devlin, Vicky Forrest, Booka Hyland, Williams Bros with Darren Williams, Adam and the Living Dolls (Ian B. MacLeod), Alan Dale – Compare Maggie Britton, Lynne Fletcher, Denise Keene, Ross Hutchison, and Doug Richards celebrating the music of his brother Digby.
Comedy relief from Echidnas Kenny Graham and Rex Allison. Music performed by John Charter and the (Johnny Rebb’s) Rebels Band. Additional musicians Mike Nolan, Don Sleishman and Lawrie Barclay from Ray Brown’s Whispers. Vintage video footage by Trevor Norris.
All proceeds go to the ‘Gut Foundation’ through patron Professor ‘Terry Bolin’.

Copy thanks to John Charter - Echidnas & ARROWS
Flyer thanks to Alan Dale - Echidnas & ARROWS
Edited thanks to Noel Clarke - Echidnas & ARROWS
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