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No: 40
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 18th December 2017

Frank, Bobby Dennis & Vicki
The day startedslowley then we commenced to enter the crew. Being so close to Christmas may have contributed the low number count.
Even with the smaller crowd we had a very enjoyable day together. Frank was in a good mood no problems with him all seemed to be acting the way it should be.

Back Row John Charter, Seamus Earley, John Keeting, Brian McCombe & Sue
Middle: Remy Clarke, Frank Garaty & Alan Dale
Front: Noel Clarke & Bobby Bradford
Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 39
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 20th November 2017

Frank, Noel Clarke
A very small dedicated group turned up for our monthly FGD due to the change of date owing to our Echidnas Balls-a-Float on the normal day which is the 27th we had to move it forward a week.
Dennis Mawson was on hand early but missed out on being photographed, Dennis had to get away as his wife was not feeling well he gave his apology and was off.
We will have to move a week early next month as well due to Christmas so remember folks we have out FGD on Monday 18th December same place same time etc.

Ziggy Zapata, Noel Clarke & John Keeting. Missing Dennis Mawson.

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

Ziggy Zapata, Noel Clarke & Frank Garaty

Ziggy Zapaty, John Keeting & Frank Garaty

Ziggy Zapata, Noel Clarke, John Keeting & Frank Garaty

No: 38
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 29th October 2017

Frank, Bobby Dennis & Vicki
We had a wonderful day to dayhowever it started out under a cloud with Frank in quite a bit of pain but he was administered some medication which lifted his spirits pretty well.
The day was also a special as we farewelled Bobby Bradfords dad & Vicki leaving shortly for the return voyage to the old Dart. Bobby is always a very special visitor when he visits our shores. One of the best of the best comedians anywhere, now in his 90's he is still as spritely as ever. God bless you mate. We'll meet again don't know where don't know when but I know we'll meet again some sunny day. I think.
It's great to see we have a very good regular group of guys & Gals that come along to show support to our old mate Frank.

Back Row Vic Solitarik & Ziggy Zapata     -   insets: Al Showman - John Charter - Graham Cotter - Geoff Jones
2nd Row: Sue & Her Mascot Brial McCombe - Alan Dale - Kenny Graham - Bobby Braford
Front: Noel Clarke & wife Remy - Frank Garaty - Special guests Bobby Dennis & wife Vicki
Pictures By: Noel Clarke

Graham Cotter

Geoff Jones

John Charter

Kenny Graham

John Charter & Alan Dale

Bobby Bradford, Bobby & Vicki Dennis

Ziggy Zapata & Vic Solitarik

John Charter & Alan Dale - (John & Alan ARROWS)

Al Shawman

No: 37
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 28th August 2017

Bobby Bradford & Frank
Well you can see by the pictures below, August did not see our biggest attendance, only 7 were able to make it due to various reasons but then, not everyone can make it to all FGD's and that's totally understandable.

Special Advance Notice The Peter Paki Production scheduled for the 23rd October has been brought forward to 25th September, better tag your seats as this will be a full house, eh what's that? did I heard 'im say a full house? Well I believe it should be a full house with the program line up we have. Now hear this, OK you heard it here first... This gig is the greatest, we already have a four piece band (I'm told they are actually live, or is that alive, any way they are great) and we are very grateful to them for giving of their time.
King Brett is trying to find a way of getting Kev Smith over for this gig so we can give him a lift of life as well. gee I'd be very pleased if I could get someone to write these small messages after each these gigs. eg; The FGD as well as the Echidnas Dinner Meetings. It will help no end. I could stop but we should have something to say after any event.

- Frank Garaty -
Pictures By: Noel Clarke

Ziggy Zaparta & Dennis Mawson

Bobby Bradford & Ziggy Zaparta

Noel Clarke & Frank Garaty

No: 36
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 17th July 2017

Bobby Bradford & Frank
We had a very enjoyable day to celebrate Frank's birthday and to also celebrate our 3rd year of the group gatherings that have come to be known simply as the FGD.
We had the pleasure of the company of Wayne Horsborogh for his first time, Frank was very pleased to welcome Wayne, as were the rest of us.
It's nice to be able to look back over the months to see our mates who have come along to help brighten the day for our wheel chair racing mate, Frank Garaty, and God knows he needs it.
Anyone from entertainment who might have a couple of hours available on the 4th Monday of each month (unless advised otherwise) you are very welcome, it helps make our old mate happy, looking back at the monthly group photos you'll see we have quite a few regulars (perhaps all outa work haha) our NEXT FGD is Monday 28th August.

Back: Vic Solitarik, Graham Cotter, Wayne Horsborogh, Dennis Mawson, John Keeting     Inserts Al Showman, David Selsby
Middle: Terry Gavin, Ziggi Zapata, Alan Dale, John Charter, Lynne Fletcher
Front: Noel Clarke - Frank Garaty - Bobby Bradford
Pictures By: Noel Clarke

Ziggy Zaparta - Al Showman

John Keeting, Alan Dale, Wayne Horsborogh

Al Showman - Doug McLauchlin

John Charter, Lynne Fletcher

Wayne Horsborogh

Graham Cotter - Alan Dale

Dennis Mawson & Vic Solitarik

Al Showman

David Selsby

No: 35
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 26th June 2017

Dennis Mawson & Frank
A good gathering for our June luncheon for our mate Frank who wasn't in a very happy place to begin with but buy the end was a very happy chappy.
Bobby, Frank and myself, chanced our luck in a combined threesome Keno ticket which after the last game found we had made enough to get out stake back so no loss but also no win.
Our King had given me a box of DVDs so I took along a bundle to share, so we can keep sharing them around for quite some time, Thanks King, goes to show you've had little to do with so many DVDs that you've had time to watched.
NEXT FGD is Monday 17th July Frank's birthday.

Back: Sue Power, Dennis Mawson, Doug McLauchlin
Middle: Ziggy Zapata, Brian McCombe, Graham Cotter, John Charter, John Keeting
Front: Noel Clarke - Frank Garaty - Bobby Bradford
Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 34
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 22nd May 2017

I don't know how , but I've lost my May 22nd photos.

If you attended and have a group photo I'd very much appreciate it if you would email a copy to me for inclusion on this page.

My thanks in advance.

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 33
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 27th April 2017

Noel Clarke & Frank
We had a very small turn-up today, I guess it can be put down to the Easter holidays as well as tomorrow being ANZAC Day.
Frank was in pretty good spirits however told us of some problems he was having but he believes it will be sorted ok.
Next months FGD will be as usual, 4th Monday of the Month being 22nd May which will be just five months out from our October Special "The Just For Fun & Laughter Show" get ready peeps, anyone wishing to add their talents to the show please contact Peter Paki.
For now, we look forward to your company on May 22. Bye for now.

Back: Peter Paki, Ziggy Zapata, Dennis Mawson, Graham Cotter
Front: Noel Clarke - Frank Garaty

Ziggy Zaparta - Peter Paki

Graham Cotter - Dennis Mawson

Noel Clarke - Frank Garaty

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 32
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 27th March 2017

Frank & Bobby Bradford
We were only thirteen in attendance today but what we lacked in numbers we masde up for in chatter to keep Frank in spirits as he hadn't had a very good couple of days however by the time it was home time he was in great spirits which was good to see, after all thats what the Frank Garaty Day is all about.

Bobby Bradford does it almost on his own he keeps Frank busy watching the Keno numbers and believe me Frank, no matter how many games he plays seems to know as each ball drops if he does or does not have it on his card.

After a chat with Peter Paki who produced the The FGD fun day last October it was agreed by Peter that he would once again organise with some help, another day again in October 2017. So we are now throwing it out there to see who would like to take part, singers, comedians if you have an act you would like to donate let us know, we'd be very greatful..

Inserts Left: John Charter - Middle: John Campbell - Right: Al Showman
Back: John Keeting Ziggy Zapata, Graham Cotter - Dennis Mawson - Peter Paki Centre: - Roland Hastings - Kenny Graham
Front: Noel Clarke - Frank Garaty - Bobby Bradford

Graham Cotter - John Charter

Kenny graham - Dennis Mawson

John Keeting - Al Showman

Al Shoman

John Charter

John Campbell

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 31
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 27th February 2017

 Bobby Bradford & Frank
Another smallish crowd at today FGD however another enjoyable day mage more so by the wonderful company.

With 11 in attendance was small enough for everyone to chat together and I believe this was accomplished to everyone's satisfaction.

The next FGD will be as usual on the forth (4th) Monday of the month which will be 27th March.

Back: Graham Cotter - Dennis Mawson - Doug McLaughlin - Alan Dale - Centre: Ziggy Zaparta - Di Hastings - Roland Hastings - John Keeting
Front: Noel Clarke - Frank Garaty - Bobby Bradford

Roland Hastings - John Keeting

Ziggy Zapata - Dennis Mawson

Dennis Mawson - Alan Dale -

Dennis Mawson - Bobby Bradford

Doug McLaughlin, Di Hastings, John Keeting
Roland Hastings

Bobby Bradford, Frank, Ziggy Zapata, Dennis Mawson, Graham Cotter

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 30
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 23rd January 2017

 Bobby Bradford & Frank
Even though we had a small crowd at today FGD we had a very enjoyable day. Many of our usual group were still away on holiday.

I guess the highlight of the day was the excitement that flasshed around our little group when a bunch of numbers popped up on the Keno screen to show Bobby & Frank had had a win, well done lads.

Back: Ziggy Zaparta - Al Showman - Dennis Mawson - Doug McLaughlin - Roland Hastings
Front: Noel Clarke - Frank Garaty - Bobby Bradford

Ziggy Zapata - Dennis Mawson

Dennis Mawson - Al Showman

Doug McLaughlin - Bobby Bradford

Frank Garaty

Noel Clarke - Frank Garaty

Frank Garaty - Al Showman

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 29
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 19th December 2016

Merry Christmas Everybody
 Frank Garaty
Frank enjoyed very much his 14 friends that were able to turn up for the 30th monthly Frank Garaty Day and of course it's the Christmas Special and in keeping with the spirit of Christmas Frank had a bag of goodies hooked ove the arm of his chair for the trip back to his nursing home.
Would you believe I was so busy having a good time I forgot to get some pictures so this month we'll have to settle for the same photo, the small one plus the video of our wonderful rendition of "Silent Night".
Next month we will again have our FGD which will be on the 23rd January, all Frank's friends from the entertainment world are cordially invited to attend. It's only 2 hours 12Noon till 2:00pm no cost just order & pay your own meal & drinks.

Click photo for wonderful rendition of "Silent Night"haha
Back 4th row: Peter Paki - Kenny Graham - Bob Madden - Doug McLaughlin.
Next 3rd row: John Charter - Dennis Mawson - Seamus Earley.
Next 2nd row: Ziggy Zapata - Roland Hastings Brian McCombe - John Keeting.
Front row: Noel Clarke - Frank Garaty - Bobby Bradford (Inset) Alan Dale.
Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 28
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 28th November 2016

 Noel Clarke & Frank
We only had a small gathering for November however after our October shin-dig I guess it was only to be expected.
Frank was in good spirits again this time which is great that he can enjoy his day without suffering pain and discomfort.
I believe our Octpber bash could well be on again next year if what I hear is to be believed, I hope it's true as everyone had a ball. I guess we will find out more in the coming months.

Back:Dennis Mawson, Davis Selsby, Jeff Jones
Middle: Ziggy Zapata, Roland Hastings, Col Smith, John Keetinh
Front> Noel Clarke Frank Alan Dale

Jeff Jones

Alan Dale - John Keeting

Col Smith - Roland Hastings

Dennis Mawson

The Group Enjoy Lunch

Graham Cotter

Alan Dale - Jeff Jones

Grahan Cotter - David Selsby

Grahan Cotter - David Selsby

Ziggy Zapata - Col Smith

Col Smith - Denis - Mawson

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 27
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 17th October 2016

 Lynne Fletcher & Frank
Oh, what a day this was.
Back in July, over lunch, Peter Paki asked the question "why don't we have a karaoke day for Frank" get a few of our friends together to get up sing a few songs and get Frank to sing it should really brighten up his day for him, well the day arrived, today.
Today was the day, BUT, we had a 4 pce band, revolving sparkle lights full sound equipment the works. [hell what happened to the karaoke day]
Forgive me but I'm calling this "The Peter Paki show" the karaoke day turned into a full blown gig. Peter had arranged our performers to do a spot when names were drawn from a drinks tray, yes drink tray, not a hat. Peter called it amateur hour.
Each guest performer shows off his/her skills much to the delight of all those in attendance, even the club staff enjoyed the day and before we finished an announcement of their thanks was made over the club PA.
From Frank: He wishes to thank everyone for giving up their time for him, it's a day I'll remember for a very, very long time.
On behalf of Bobby Bradford and Noel Clarke [me] we want to thank Peter Paki in particular for the work he did in arranging this special "Frank Garaty Day". Our thanks also goes to all who took part starting with the band: John Charter & John Keating Keyboard, Dennis McQuiggan on drums, Benny on bass and that special guy Woody Finlayson - Guitar.(Delltones)
Singers: Featuring Frank Garaty, Lisa Cook, Lynne Fletcher, Jenny Graham, Peter Paki, Booka Hyland, Col Smith, Paul Martell, Morgan Kent, John Campbell, Kenny Graham, Bobby Bradford and Ziggy Zapata.
What a line up of top performers, you will not see a show anywhere with this number of entertainers all on the one bill and squeezed into a 1 hour 20 minute show, well doe to the producer Peter Paki.
About Frank, on this day he sang 2 songs includinh "My Way" which he pulled off in great style from his chair, lazy buggar wouldn't stand like everyone else. But one thing I know, Frank had a very memorable day and when thanking everyone at the closing of the program he had to cut it short due to his state of emotion. God bless you Frank I'm sure all these entertainers enjoyed lifting your spirits seeing you so happy and grateful was thanks enough for them.
David Selsby has done a video of the show and in a short time we'll be making up a DVD so if you would like a copy we'll let you know here when and how much, if David approves we may sell for $10 with half going to the Echidnas Charity account.

Peter Paki Closing the show and gaining top spot in this month's gallery, all stand and applaud, thank you.

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

More photos of October 2016 supplied November 2017 thanks to Mary Bradford.
These pictures were taken by Will Dower and we thank Will for the use of them.

No: 26
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 19th September 2016

 Bobby Bradford & Frank
Another good day spent with Frank who continues to be quite lively spinning around chatting with each and everyone.
It's amazing the difference an ooperation has make to Frank's health I just hope it continues on this track.
He is so looking to the 17th October and the show promised by all at the July luncheon after the idea was floated by Peter Paki, I have had to keep asuring him that it will be OK.
I just hope everyone comes along to enjoy what in theory is shaping to be a real boost to the lives to the people coming down from the Bass Hill nursing home where Frank keeps telling those who will listen just what a great time they are in for when he and his mates turn on the show.

Back Row: Graham Cotter, John Charter, John Campbell, Dennis Mawson, Doug McLauchlin,
Middle: Alan Dale, Kenny Graham, Roland Hastings,John Keeting, Peter Paki, David Selsby
Front Row: Noel Clarke, Frank Garaty & Bobby Bradford. (Inset: Alan Dale)

Ziggy Zapata - Brian McCombe

Dennis Mawson - Roland Hastings

Roland Hastings

Graham Cotter

Frank Garaty - Roland Hastings

Graham Cotter

Bobby Bradford

Dennis Mawson - Doug McLauchlin

Bobby, Doug, John "Elvis" Collins, Ziggy
Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 25
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 29th August 2016

 Noel Clarke & Frank
What a difference an operation can make to a man's life, of course also after a month or so of recovery as we all saw a remarkable improvement in Frank on this ocassion. Last month he was in good spirits to celebrate his birthday but this month he was just on top of his performance.
Peter Paki came up with a great idea for our FGD in October, so may I suggest you keep Monday the 17th free in your diary. More info will be out shortly.

This from Alan Dale
Frank Garaty never considered 13 as an unlucky number especially as he and Bobby Bradford shared a $640 win at Keno. The 13 were those present at the RSL Club for Frank's day.
David Selsby came late to total 14. Frank was very up beat and really looked his old self.
The members present decided to arrange for a mini concert at the club in October. We have the permission from club to have this celebration so those of you that have never visited Frank can give of your time either as a talent or as a member of the audience.
It seems that Frank has made great progress since his gall bladder removal. His left knee is still swollen but is responding to treatment.
Regards Alan

Back Row: Graham Cotter, John Charter, John Campbell, Dennis Mawson, Doug McLauchlin,
Middle: Alan Dale, Kenny Graham, Roland Hastings,John Keeting, Peter Paki, David Selsby
Front Row: Noel Clarke, Frank Garaty & Bobby Bradford.

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 24
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 18th July 2016

 Noel Clarke & Frank
The anniversary of the beginning of The Frank Garaty Day when Frank celebrates hid birthday. It's nice to see him in such a good place, health wise. Frank said he was feeling very good today and it showed.
He had 15 friends turn up for the day, he received a number of gifts and in general he was very jolly and having a very happy birthday.
Obviously Frank couldn't take all his pressies on his chair so I dropped them off for him and got to spend a little more time with him and get another picture.
We received apologoes from Bobby Bradford who was spending a couple of days in hospital, thankfully all is OK now. We also had an apology from Roland Hastings.
Remember next month will be the 5th Monday the 29th August so as not to clash with Debonairs. There after will be the 3rd Monday of the month.Lets make it easy to remember ... it's the last Monday of the month

Back Row: Graham Cotter, Geoff Jones, Doug McLauchlin & John Newton
Next Row: Kevin Smith, Terry Gavin, Dennis Mawson, Col Smith
2nd Row: Ziggy Zaparta, John Charter, Lynne Fletcher, John Keeting & John Harrap
Front Row: Noel Clarke, Frank Garaty & Alan Dale.

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 23
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 27th June 2016

 Frank Garaty
Frank really appreciates his friends for giving a couple of hours each month to help him enjoy a small piece of life with those he relates to most of all, his friends from the entertainment world.

Last month Frank had surgery to remove his gaul bladder it seems that was the problem causing his poor health over the past couple of months so we can now look forward to a happier Frank.

Remember next month is the 3rd Monday to celebrate Frank's birthday.

Back: Graham Cotter, Doug McLauchlin, Dennis Mawson.
Middle: John Keeting, Ziggy Zaparta, & Roland Hastings
Front: Noel Clarke, Frank, Alan Dale

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 22
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 23rd May 2016

 Frank Garaty & Maggie Britt

Back: Dennis Mawson, Doug McLauchlin & Ziggy Zaparta.
Middle: John Keeting, Col Smith, Maggie Britt & Roland Hastings
Front: Noel Clarke & Frank

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 21
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 21st March 2016

 Frank & Kenny Graham
On arrival Frank had indicated he wasn't feeling crash hot however by the time he got to chat with everyone he was as btight as a button. (hell how bright can a button be?)

Back: Alan Dale, Col Smith, Ziggy Zaparta, Doug McLauchlin, Kenny Graham, John Keeting.
Front: Noel Clarke, Frank, Roland Hastings

John Keeting & Dennis Mawson

Ziggy Zaparta, Roland Hastings, Kenny Graham & Alan Dale

Ziggy Zaparta, Roland Hastings, Kenny Graham, Doug McLaughlin & Alan Dale

The Group enjoying Lunch

Roland Hastings

Roland Hastings & Kenny Graham

Ziggy Zaparta & Roland Hastings

Alan Dale & Col Smith

Dennis Mawson & Doug McLaughlin
Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 20
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 22nd February 2016

 Noel & Frank
Just a small group of players turned up for our February luncheon with Frank but there is an excuse as I see it.

I sent out 2 emails leading up to the day however my partner in crime in organising Frank's special days was on holiday and wasn't back in time to send emails to the Galahs group.

Now does that say we get more Galah's than we get Echidnas, well on the face of this one I would have to say yes but not true I hear you say...

If we go back down the page you will see lots of Galars & Echidnas in the group photos so lets just say February was a bad month for our gathering.

Noel Clarke, Frank, John Keeting (insert) & Ziggy Zaparta

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 19
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 25th January 2016

 Nurse Koona & Frank
  This was a very bad day for Frank as he was unable to leave his bed after spending several days in Bankstown Hospital. He kept telling me leading up to the FGD he was trying to be fit to get to the club but alas he was unable to, so we took the club to Frank. So to speak.

At the given time we brave hearted ones turned up at Bass Hill RSL and I must say the supervisor lady on duty knowing us and why we attend asked, where's Frank? when told she said she felt something was wrong as she hadn't seen him for a while. She then said "please give him our best wishes for a speedy recovery". It was nice to know Frank was well respected and that people at the club were there to help him and had noticed he hadn't been in for a while.

John Keeting called into to see Frank at the nursing home however we 5, after meeting at the club enjoyed lunch... did I say lunch? well there's a story to this as the kitchen was being renovated so we had to settle for a meat pie and a drink.

Then off we went all in one vehicle due to parking spaces at the nursing home. OK, so we arrive and found renovations going on there as well, the front enterance was now cut off so up the side on the detour path and in a side door.

On entering Frank's room he was sleeping but obviously he heard us and as a very sick man opened his eyes, from that point with the laughter and goings on he rose to the ocassion. it gave him what I knew it would give, something to hang onto someone showing they care, it made a very sick man feel a hell-of-a-lot better and when it was time to leave he was all smiles and a much more happy man, God bless you Frank make sure you're ready for the next FGD which is on 22nd February. Remember it's always the 4th Monday of the month, unless advised in the regular emails sent advising of the FGD.

Col Smith, Nurse Koona, Frank, Bobby Bradford & Ziggy Zaparta

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

Roland Hastings, Ziggy Zaparta, Bobby B & Col Smith

Bobby Bradford & Frank

Bobby, Ziggy & Colin

Noel Clarke, Frank, Ziggy Zaparta & Col Smith

Noel Clarke, Frank, Bobby Bradford & Col Smith

Nurse Koona with Frank

No: 18
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 21st December 2015

 Frank & Alan Dale   Our Christmas roll up was quite a surprise being that time when everyone is so terribly bust we had 16 of us turn up to the Bass Hill RSL to wish Frank a cheery, Merry Christmas and even though it wasn't one of his best days he enjoyed the company immensely.
  These days have now become part of the regular calander for us all to spend a couple of hours with Frank which gives him some quality time to enjoy heaps of friendship with his mates.
  I can't understand what went wrong this time as I only got one photo, the group shot, must have been because it is Christmas with my mind pre occupied with the coming of Santa Claus, well thats my story and I'll stick with it.

(Back) Alan Skeed, Kenny Graham, Dennis Mawson, Rod Blair, Wayne Cornell, David Selsby
(Middle)   John Keeting, Ziggy Zaparta, Margaret Britt, Brian McCombe Bobby Bradford.
(Front) Colin Smith, Noel Clarke, Roland Hastings, Frank Garaty, Alan Dale.
(Inset Pix) Brian McCombe & David Selsby.

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 17
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 23rd November 2015

 Bobby Bradford & Frank   Well!!!! What a day? we had sixteen (16) of Frank's friends turn up and what a shock it was to have Frank in such a great frame of mind. He said he was feeling the best he's felt in a very long time and we could tell he was.
  We all, including Frank agreed it was the best he had been in the whole time we have been celabrating the FGD which commenced on Frank's birthday 17th July 2014.
  The tradition has contimued on the 4th Monday of the month since that day. However next month will be 3rd Monday 21st December for a Christmas Luncheon. Sure, Santa hats or other are very welcome. some red & green will add to the celebration of Christmas.

(Back) John Harrop, Col Smith, Dennis Mawson, Kenny Graham, Kevin Smith.
(Middle)   Ziggy Zaparta, John Charter, Lynn Fletcher, Roland & Di Hastings, Margaret Britt.
(Front) Noel Clarke, Frank Garaty, Bobby Bradford.
(Inset Pix) Brian McCombe & David Selsby.

All sitting around chatting before having our lunch

Roland & Di Hastings, Lynn Fletcher & Margaret Britt.

Kenny Graham & Colin Smith

Lynn Fletcher, Frank & Margaret Britt.

Guest of honour Franh.

David Selsby, Kevin Smith & Dennis Mawson.

Roland & Di Hastings

Margaret Britt, Lynn Fletcher & John Charter.

Frank Garaty

John Harrop

Ziggy Zaparta & Colin Smith

David Selsby

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 16
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 28th October 2015

Quite a cold day weather wise but warm hearted friendships inside the club, where we had a small roll-up with just 10 gathered to have a drink together with a meal and with the fulfilment of knowing we were giving our mate Frank an outing with friends which will keep him happy till the 4th Monday of November rolls along.

I believe there are some who can regularly attend, and do, get as much pleasure as does Frank with these days.
 John Charter with Frank  I know it's difficult for some who have their commitments that just have to be attended to those same people DO attend whenever possible, Frank knows this and appreciates possibly more so as he knows of their commitments .

(Back) Ziggy Zapata, Bobby Bradford, Brian McCombe, Col Smith, Graham Cotter, John Charter
(Front)   John Keeting, Frank Garaty, Dennis Mawson -
Missing from Pix Noel Clarke [Well someone had to take the picture]

John Charter, Frank & John Keeting

Col, Graham, Dennis & Bobby

John Charter & Brian McCombe

Big meals, no one left an empty plate

John Keeting & Col Smith

John Charter & Frank Garaty

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 15
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 28th September 2015

Another wonderfully enjoyable day out with our old buddy Frank, he flitted around to make sure he got to chat with everyone. Even though it wasn't one of his better days he remained positive.
Frank really looks forward to thse days for his chance to catch up with mates again and he says it's shorely more that 30 days between our luncheons or at least that the way he feels it is as he enjoys it so very much. There are 14 in this picture but more arrived after it was taken, I have to get the group pix before lunch as it's difficult to get everyone together after.

(Back) John Campbell, Alan Dale, John Harrop, Glenn Ware, David Selsby, Kenny Graham
(Middle) Ziggy Zaparta, Dennis Mawson, John Charter, Roland Hastgings, Brian McCombe
(Front)   Bobby Bradford, Frank Garaty, Noel Clarke -
Missing from Pix Geoff Jones & John Keeting

John Campbell & Brian McCombe

Check the size of KG's $11 meal

Another $11 meal, Bobby really is happy

Table of Happy Chappies

Kenny & David

Geoff & Bobby

John & Roland

Noel & Ziggy being a bit silly

John & Alan

Dennis & Glenn

Frank & John caught just as he turned his head

Group waiting for Frank to return

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 14
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 24th August 2015

What a day this was started out cloudy and looked very much like rain. I( had a call from Frank around 9am saying even though it looked like raid would spoil his day he made it very vlear that he would bet there.
As it turned out he had no problem at all he arrived at the club around 11:30 and was waiting at the door when I arrived with a mate of mine, John, from another nursing home, it gives a day out as well. Frank was parked inside the front door waiting and as our mates arrived we settled into some chit chat until one members said it has to be time to eat "I'm starving" I won't tell you who it was but a very funny man is our Bobby.

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 13
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 27th July 2015

Well we certainly had a very good roll up this month with 17 of Frank's mates there to celebrate his birthday.
We were also enjoying our 1st anniversary of FGD's as we held the first to celebrate his birthday in 2014.
I know Frank really enjoys having the guys and gals turn up on these days which gets him out with good companionship for a couple of hours.
On behalf of Frank, Bobby Bradford and myself I thank you all for your continued support of these days.

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 12
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 28th June 2015

Well today was the 12th edition of The Frank Garaty Day our first was to celebrate Frank's birthday on 17th July 2014 and we do that again next month which will be held on the 20th July.
The venue has always been the Bass Hil RSL Club which is a wonderful place for our get-to-gether. Meals are fantastic and very good pricing I've seen many a plate returned with food still left which indicates we get a very good helping, too much for some, (not me).

Anyway we had a very reasonable turn up yesterday as you can see by the photos below. As you will see above the next Frank's day will be his birthday bash held on the 20th July, if you have some time to spare it's only a two hour luncheon. From then on it will be the 4th Monday of each month.

Brett Thomas & Frank

Bobby Bradford & Frank

Ziggy Zapata & Kenny Graham

Dennis Mawson, Bobby Bradford & Frank

Ziggy Zapata, Roland Hastings & Kenny Graham

Doug McLaughlin & Dennis Mawson

Roland Hastings

Doug McLaughlin, John Harrop & Dennis Mawson

John Harrop, Roland Hastings, Ziggy Zapata & Kenny Graham

Frank, Bobby Bradford, Dennid Mawson & Doug McLaughlin

Doug McLaughlin, Graham Cotter & Dennis Mawson

Paula Watts, Frank & David Bond

Paula Watts & David Bond

Group too many to name

Group too many to name

Graham Cotter

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 11
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 18th May 2015

Was great to see Frank much better today as he is now fitted with his, as the scottish gentleman says "his wee bag" he can now have a drink without the worry of the need for a "wee break" he was all smiles today as a result.

Frank wishes to thank the following gents for coming along for this luncheon to give him a bucket load of cheer, he tells me he feels a whole lot better after these days. The next "Frank Garaty Day" will be Monday 29th June. Oh by the way the food is magnificient and plentiful you WILL enjoy the company and meal, as Phil Cass would say "Trust Me" I hope he deosn't have a strangle hold on that saying. Nah of course he doesn't.

Pictures taken by Noel Clarke below are....
John Keeting, Doug McLaughlin, Denis Mawson, Bobby Bradford, Frank, John Harrop, Kenny Graham & Col Smith

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 10
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 20th April 2015

Well what a day we had this day? wind, rain and bloody cold poor old Frank entered the club shaking with the cold and feeling he needed to turn around and go back however he braved things and after getting wraped up a bit warmer started to thaw out and actually feel better.

We had a pretty good roll-up for such a terrible day as can be seen by the group photo 14 of us enjoyed some talk the major topic being the way journos never let the truth or what actually takes place get in the way of sensationalism. Case in point The Major Oak Theatre Restuarunt where early in the evening a young woman went down stairs to have a cigarette but had no lighter so asked a guy if he did this fellow apparently pushed or punched her into the wall hitting her head on a pipe, she ended up on the ground with a cut on her forhead a little claret on the footpath. Naturally the police, ambulance & reportes arived on the scene.

When the journos finished it was an alcahol fueled brawl, [it wasn't] anyway it received coverage on both ch9 and ch7 as well as press. None of this though interupted our day for Frank.

Back: Reg Townsend, Graham Cotter, Dennis Mawson, John Keeting, Ross Hutchison, Lesley & Geoff Jones & Bobby Bradford
Front: John Newton, Alan Dale, Frank Ziggy Zapata & Roland Hastings.
Reg Townsend & Geoff Jones
Ross Hutchison
John Keeting, John Newton & Alan Dale
Roland Hastings & Ross Hutchison
Bobby Bradford, Ziggy Zapata & Graham Cotter
Dennis Mawson & Lesley Jones

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 9
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 23rd March 2015

The day started very slowly with just Frank and myself in attendance, mind you when I arrived at 11:40am I found Frank in the smoked filled room pressing buttons for all he was worth.

The first to arrive was Roland Hastings followed by John Charter then a string of happy faces came through the door to make Frank's smile grow some. I'm affraid he doesn't get much to smile about so he really does look forward to the day we now call "The Frank Garaty Day" a day when I believe we all get a kick out of enjoying the company of friends who come along to share some happiness in seeing Frank enjoy our company.

There are obviously days when he just isn't himself but we live with that knowing what he's going through.

The next FGD is Monday 20th April we/Frank will look forward to your company if you're available.

Ross Hutchison, Roland Hastings, Col Smith, John Charter & Ziggy Zapata with Frank
John Keeting, Glenn Ware & Frank
John Charter, Ross Hutchison,David Selsby
Roland Hastinfs, Glen Ware & Ziggy Zapata

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 8
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 23rd February 2015

We had a pretty good roll-up today to give Frank much to talk about. Just before the close of our time Frank along with Rod & Morgan were in fine form belting out a couple of old standards which I might add brought a smile to his face.
Another item he had to be happy about was his new wheel chair after so many weeks usiing a loan chair which wasn't to his liking and the cause of so much pain in his leg was his new wheels it's more like a V8 with the speeds he can travel at.
Bobby Bradford did a wonderful job of arranging the new chair which I know Frank really does appreciate, thanks Bobby for great job. It gave me much pleasure to be at the nursing home last Friday morning the 20th to accept delivery on Bobby's behalf and to see the change in Franks attitude.
Noel Clarke

Left: John Harrop, Frank Ifield, Bobby Bradford, Morgan Kent, Col Smith, Brett Thomas, Dennis Mawson, Dianne & Roland Hastings, Rod Blair & Frank Garaty.
Dianne & Roland Hastings
Doug McLaughlin, Brett Thomas & Dennis Morgan
Morgan Kent & Colin Smith
John Harrop, Frank Ifield & Bobby Bradford
John Harrop, Noel Clarke & Frank Ifield
Ziggy Zapata & Colin Smith
Brett Thomas & John Keating
Geoff Jones
Brett Thomas & Frank Ifield

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 7
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 19th January 2015

Frank was not a happy chappy today as his wheelchair was away being serviced to rectify some problems and whilst he was supplied with a loan chair it wasn't as good it didn't lay back like his also the foot rests were nothing like his and that also caused trouble with his comfort level. However we had a very enjoyable luncheon with good company.

Regards Noel Clarke

Back: Frank McQuade, ??? , Doug McLaughlin, Dennis Mawson, Allan Dale, Al Skeed, Colin Smith.Front: John Keating, Bobby Bradford & Frank Garaty.

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 6
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Tue 23th December 2014

Today Frank was feeling a lot better than he was at the November lunch time gathering. Today he was able to enjoy a laugh and joke with the lads. He was quite happy that he was able to take 50 steps this morning and wants to add just a few extra each day, mind you he still hangs onto the rail but this is great news.
Frank got a bit sentimental and emotional as he thanked the seven who attended the lunch as it cheered him no end. It was a joy to see him even with his crooked smile as you will see by the photos below.
Regards Noel

Back: Frank McQuade, Bobby Bradford, John Keating. Cntr: Noel Clarke, Frank, Col Smith, Front: Peter Paki & Kenny Graham

Back: Frank McQuade, Bobby Bradford, John Keating. Col Smith, Front: Peter Paki, Frank & Kenny Graham
Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 5
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Wed 26th November 2014

Frank was not in the best of health for this day but he certainly enjoyed the company even though small in numbers we had a wonderful lunch and chit chat.
I'm not sure if we will be able to fit another one in before Christmas. Maybe Tuesday 23rd December however I'll check with a few of the regulars to see if it can be arranged.
Till Next Time
Frank Garaty Day Lunch 26th Nov 2014
Picture By: Noel Clarke
A message from Alan Dale
A few Echidnas visited Frank on Wednesday 26th November at Bass Hill RSL.
Frank was not at his best but was so glad to see Noel Clarke, Bobby Bradford, Dennis Mawson and Geoff Jones for lunch. Frank thanked Noel and Dennis for thier gift of cigarettes which is the one pleasure that he can enjoy. I called into Frank's nursing facility later in the afternoon and noted that Frank was indeed feeling off his game.
We must have a date set for another visit prior to Xmas as Frank needs all the support we can give him. Will discuss a possible date at the Echidnas Christmas dinner.


No: 4
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 27th October 2014

Another Frank's Day with 5 Echidnas in attendance. Bobby Bradford, Dennis Mawson, Noel Clarke, Frank McQuade and Alan Dale lunched with Frank and managed to put a smile on his face. Other non Echidnas were Ziggy, Col and John.
Frank was not at his very best and looked very tired but he did enjoy the company and thanked those present for making his day. Alan took along a bundle of Variety and Encore magazines from the halcyon days of club entertainment. Frank was grateful for these and the photos and articles brought back some great memories which created an extended talking point amongst those at the lunch.

During my Visit Friday 24th Oct 2014
We had 8 friends turn up for the lunch with Frank.
Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 3
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Wed 24th September 2014

This was the last of our Winter Frank Garaty days the next one we enter Spring and what a wonderful time to celebrate a
day with our old mate. Tentative Date is the 21st October if any change we'll advise. Just pop in pay for your own meal &
drinks there are no other charges and you get a wonderful meal for just $10. I can assure you Frank really does look forward
to these days it does make life a lot brighter for him to be able to sit and chat with old friends.
Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 2
Frank Garaty Day Lunch
Mon 25th August 2014

Another happy day to cellebrate our re-named luncheon day known as "The Frank Garaty Day" where
we had a roll up of 17 friends of Frank to enjoy the company of one another as well as a nice lunch.

Pictures By: Noel Clarke

No: 1
Frank Garaty Birthday Lunch
Thurs 17th July 2014

A number of Echidna members plus other friends of Frank gathered at Bass Hill RSL Club to help him enjoy his birthday.
As I guess everyone knows Frank has been fighting his illness now for several years and is currently living in the Bass Hill nursing home. Whilst he does have visits from a group of friends he has been doing it a bit tough of late and it was great to have so many turn up to help cheer him up and thats exactly what it did. Frank was all smiles it was good to see him in a much brighter mood than he's been in during visit of late.

So if anyone can spare a little time and can drop in on him from time to time I know it will change his outlook on life.
Picture By: Noel Clarke
Bobby Bradford took a few pictures at the lunch this is one of them.

Pictures By: Noel Clarke
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