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2017 Explorer of the Seas Cruise

It all started as an idea and quickly grew into a cruise for 30 Echidnas, wives and friends when bookings started back in about September.
It turned into a cruise to remember made more so by the great company we had, each others company that is. We had lots of laughter & fun on board the fabulous ship.
There was loads of entertainment on board as well as competitions, speaking of competitions one of our own... Dave Lazarus along with Morgan Kent entered "The Sexiest Man in the Universe" ... guess what? Dave was crowned the winner, what happened to Morg? I hear you ask well if you look at the pictures below you'll see a picture of "Austin Powers" well ... that's our Morgan.
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A few remarks from Echidnas
From: Rex & Wendy Allison
Never stopped laughing. Great to
Spend quality time with such a fun group.
Thanks guys for making it a cruise to remember.
Rex & Wendy
From: Kevin & Rae Smith
Cruise excellent, company fantastic, every one of staff fabulous, entertainment fabulous, the ECHINDAS OUTSTANDING.
Kevin n Rae

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Our group at lunch 1st day

Sue, Mark, Noel & Remy Back: Rae & Kevin

Rex, Bobby, Mark, Morgan, Noel & Barry

Val, Marti, Kay, Wendy, Mary
& Remy
Rae & Kevin

wendy, Michael Hotel Director,
& kay

Bobby with table supervisor Rocha

Brett, Austin Powers-Morgan, Bobby, Dave

Brett, Mary & Bobby

Elsa & Dave

Brian & Sue

Barbara & Ziggy

The Promanade

Morgan & eye catching Kay

Marti & Barry

Les & Val

Ice Skating Show

Noel & Remy

Morgan & Kay

Barry Mawson

Bobby Bradford

Brian McCombe

Marty Morton EMU

Rex Allison

Brett & Leone

Kay & Morgan

Mary & Bobby

Noel & Remy

Rex & Wendy

Merredene & Marty

Les & Val

Rae & Kev

Diane & Roland

Ziggy & Barbara

Dave & Elsa

Wendy, Michael & Kay

Roz & Laci

Maggie & Dave

Group shop on stairs

Group Shot on table 1

Marty-Meredine-Marti & Kay


Les & Val-Rex & Wendy

Enjoyment after dinner

Wendy & Rex

King & Prince resting

2 sugars, not the bags

Mary & Bobby relaxing time

Morg & Kev at meeting spot

Leone & Di just hanging.

Marty & Merredine

Noel & Remy at our regular
group meeting spot

Mary, acting up after dinner at the Sapphire Loungs

Roz & Laci

The Echidnas The Australian Order of Comedians