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Echidna's Meetings
November 2017 Meeting
Held at home Croydon Park Club
From our intreppid Secretary Alan - with many thanks


Alan Dale, Noel Clarke, Ross Hutchison, king for the night Reg Townsend & Doug McLauchlin

Photos: Noel Clarke

Called into see Frank Garaty on way to Echidnas

Duke Magpie Echidna, Secretary Alan Dale

Count Crowe Echidna, Treasurer Doug McLauchlin

Secretary, Alan Dale & Minister for health & welfare, Noel Clarke

Al Showman, Brian McCombe, Chris Ramos, Ross Hutchison, Ivan Petch, Ziggy Zapata & Bill Scott6.jpg

Geoff Gould, Roland Storm, Grahame Cotter, Ray Lawler, Dennis Mawson, Ray Mitchell & John Read

Dave Allenby, Peter Hall, Geoff Troy, Bobby Madden, Terry Onsett, Garry Hudson, Lonnie Brabender & Tony Bennetts

Alan Dale, Brian McCombe & Noel Clarke
Photo Brian McCombe

Ziggy Zapata & Bill Scott
Photo Brian McCombe

October 2017 Meeting
Held at home Croydon Park Club
From our intreppid Secretary Alan - with many thanks
The September meeting at Merrylands Bowling Club was down in numbers which was a disappointment as the idea was to support those members who couldn’t make the nights, with 21 in attendance.
There were reports on Geoff Mack’s Sydney celebration of life,
Bill Alexander’s funeral and Kevin Smith’s hospitalisation. All depressing news did not add to the vibe of the occasion.
Mention was made of the November harbour cruise and a holiday outing on the Explorer of the Seas from 30th January 2018.
October saw a bigger roll up at Croydon where the present members were asked to vote on their preference of day or night meetings and venue of choice. Asquith Leagues club was presented as a viable option with a lower meal price of ($15 to club) $23 per person. However the consensus of those voting were content to continue at Croydon mainly due to travel distances.
The dinner became the Bobby Dennis Show with the sandal wearing pom entertaining with his incredible wit. Stories of having a bad night on the job followed with Greg Hayes and Paul Martell adding to Bobby’s true life tales.
The 32 in attendance were treated to a very funny evening enhanced by Rex Allison’s shit stories.

Bobby Dennis Snr flanked by Prince Morgan & King Brett after receiving Life Member Mon 9th October 2017

Photos: Noel Clarke

October Birthday Day boy Roy Mitchell receives his wine from King Brett

Noel Clarke & Brian McCombe
Photo Brian McCombe

Another pix of Prince Morgan Kent, Bobby Dennis Snr & King Brett Thomas

September 2017 Meeting
Held at home Croydon Park Club

To make this page more complete I believe we must have a group picture taken at some time during the evening
To get everyone's OK on this would be most satisfying to allow us to have a record of our meetings and the fun we have.
So please if you would all be so kind to assist when asked to get ready for the shoot so it's over in as little time as possible.
We should also have other shots of members during the evening and I would like to call on our most photographed man in the whole world, Brian McCombe to help out in this regard and forward them onto me. Brian your photos will be credited to you on the page.
Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of our Merrylands meeting at all which makes the continuity of our page a liite out of order.
Thank you all so much

August 2017 Meeting
Held at home Croydon Park Club
A good roll up on the night but we missed out on a group photo, it's very hard to catch everyone at the end of the night before they start to leave, will have to try to get them all together earlier in the evening.
Our scribe for tonight is our secretary Alan.

The meeting held on Monday 7th August brought forward a very welcome 37 members and guests. King Brett asked those present to stand to observe a minute’s silence for our dear departed life member Geoff Mack.
Peter Dean held court with the surprising announcement that he had reached the milestone of 50 years in show business and was now commuting with nature. Roddy Lee reported on the finalisation of Calvin DeGrey’s headstone with a figure of $3,057 being raised enabling both the gravesite and brass plaque at the King’s Head Tavern to be completed. The Major Oak function on Saturday 5th August was a huge success with members helping to raise a final total of $42,283 which will certainly help to assist in Hunter’s recovery and ongoing procedures.
Ray Lawler presented a thankyou card for the recent thoughts and hamper he received.
Members were informed that former King Warren Kermond had offered his services to attend the wake for Geoff Mack at Southport at no cost for accommodation. The King and committee moved that the Echidnas pick up the costs of travel and flowers.
Dave Allenby was in attendance and looking very well after his recent enforced holiday.
The Gut Foundation Concert looks like being a great night of variety with members giving of their services on Friday 18th August at the Campbelltown Catholic Club.
Announcement: ---> details were given of the Celebration of Geoff Mack’s life to be held at Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL on Monday 21st August. An afternoon function is planned with all organisations helping to fill the auditorium with stories of the great man. Food can be obtained from the club Bistro for consumption in the audi. The Galahs, Echidnas, Arrows, Debonaires, ALVA and MO Awards are all asked to attend to make for a memorable event.
The raffle at our last meeting raised $240 and Bill Scott won the dinner. Unfortunately Brian McCombe had to leave early to attend another function and missed out on picking up his birthday present. Other birthday boys were Lonnie Brabender and Bobby Bradford.

Echidnas Mon 7th August 2017

Photos: Noel Clarke

July 2017 Meeting
Held at home Croydon Park Club
A good night was had by all.
My friends, countrymen and fellow citizens it has come to my attention that you my fellow members should par-take in the joy of this our website. so with your permission I will ask a different member each month to write a short story, just one chapter.... no not sentance you can see the one from Rex who was first cab-of-the-rank to have this honour followed by our good mate Kenny Graham
So you now know what to expect each month, no you don't have to rush me your turn will come, just get ready.
Now Kenny's story .

Meeting July 3rd A nice small gathering but Quality
Nice to here the rundown from the King and Roddy, About Kalvins grave.
Rosco gave us little info on his next project Bollwood spectacular.
Rex gave a lecture on Tom Froth and Stingrays, He must love seafood
Kenny tried to add some humour but it's so hard to do a gag then run out And sit down to enjoy it. (Bloody hell thats me...)
Regie did the Rort at 7.30 far too early and I slept for the rest of the meeting.
I got home at 9.15, upset that John Read did not win the dinner
Wife said (Your Early) so I shot her.

Kenny .

A group photo of Echidnas Mon 3rd July 2017

Photos: Noel Clarke

June 2017 Meeting
Held at home Croydon Park Club
What a night!!! We had entertainment from Bruce English who as Professor Dicknose went on to show his educational prowess and his discipline skills, very educational... well er.... OK, now I know why he is called Professor dicknose
Then we heard from our regular comedian Rex Allison who gave a run down on his and lovely wife Wendy's travels which you can read here. I sent an email asking if Rex & Wendy would send a story about their travels, quick as a flash I received the following, I must thank Rex & Wendy for prompt reply.

We then saw & heard from a wonderful children's magician, Rod Junor who has some very good patter to go with the tricks. Rod called up a couple of helpers who were able to be the straight man (so to speak) so Rod could use his humour. Rod with his little red cap and big smile helped in making our night so much more different from the usual Echidnas dinners.

From  Rex & Wendy
On the 1st of April, my wife, Wendy and myself boarded an English cruise Ship on a world tour, in Singapore.
Ports visited were K.L.,Penang, Phuket, Chennai(Madras), Colombo, Maldives, Salalah, Safaga, Aqaba, transit Suez Canal, Ashdod for Jerusalem, Malta, Gilbraltar, Lisbon, arriving in U.K. On 5th May.
The small ship, The Magellan was amazing, so much so we didn't want to get off.
I made friends with the guest entertainers, all English comedians, great Guys with great sense of humours. Entertainment was excellent.
Having only 800 passengers on board it made it more enjoyable.
Upon arrival in U.K. We had a chauffeur driven car, courtesy of Wendy's Cousin, Roger Daltrey, lead singer of The Who, whose property we Stayed on in Sussex. Roger has three working trout ponds, so spent time fishing in his ponds, which are managed. We had a feel of what living life as the rich and famous would be like, and found it not too hard to take.
Roger has 500 acres of the most amazing country, in Burwash Commnon. He has 250 head of cattle, and lives on his property, an English Manor house built in 1610.
Saw two shows in the west end, one being 42nd Street, absolutely amazing with great visuals, costuming and choreography.
Spoke to Bobby Dennis a few times, he is looking forward to visiting us in August/September. Bobby is still as bright as a button, and we shared many stories and laughs. I also spoke to Johnny Smythe, who sends his regards to the Echidna's. John is happily retired In Bournemouth.
I might add, after 9 weeks, we were looking forward to be Oz bound to catch up with family, and all our great mates.


A group photo of Echidnas Mon 5th June 2017

Photos: Noel Clarke

May 2017 Meeting
Held at home Croydon Park Club
There were 5 birthday celebrants for May however only one in attendance so we only had to present on bottle of sparkley. I guess we should point out that if you aren't at the dinner you miss out on sparkley. Chris Ramos was the only one to receive his pressy. However we do wish a "Happy Birthday" to Phil Cass 2nd, Norm Faber 6th, Andrew Mulroe 12th & Kerry Kelaher 13th

Now from the pen/keyboard of
Alan Dale
We were sorry to hear that Kevin Smith was not able to join us due to complications from his recent medical procedure. Also a message that Ray Lawler was still recuperating from his heart bypass with fluid on the lung being a temporary hiccup on his road to recovery. There were two reborn members showing up after a long absence. Ziggy Zapata and Desmond Edward (his 3rd visit) were made welcome. Geoff Troy had had a fall and was absent with a broken leg. There were 32 in attendance enjoying a fun evening with a wide choice of wines to choose from in the raffle which raised $240.
Monies were counted by Noel Clarke in the treasurer’s seat for Doug McLaughlin who was nursing a sore toe. John Reid knocked back the dinner for a bottle of red. That was a strange twist.
May birthday celebrant

Only one birthday boy in attendance to he gets to lollies: Chris Ramos
Photos: Noel Clarke

Called into see Frank Garaty on way to dinner

Dave Allenby & Gary Hudson

Ivan Petch & Peter Hall

Bruce English & Desmond Edwards

Clayton & Tony Bennetts

Roy Mitchell & John Read

David Selsby & Simon Bartlett

Geoff Gould, John Charter & Graham Cotter

Greg Hayes & Dennis Mawson

Michael Parsons, Bill Scott & Col Smith

Ziggy Zaparta, Woody Fynlayson & Roland Storm

Brian McCombe & Chris Ramos

King Brett Thomas & Prince Morgan Kent

Alan Townsend

Reg Townsend

Bobby Bradford

The Prince pins badge on Desmond Edwards

Desmond is welcomed by The King & Prince

April 2017 Meeting
Held at home Croydon Park Club
This is a copy of our secretary's "Call to Meeting" sent to everyone to advise of the coming meeting, and I'm too lazy to come up with my own words as well as typing so I've used the scanned copy, works for me......
April birthday celebrants

Morgan Kent, Kevin Smith, Simon Bartlett, John Read, Graham Cotter & Seated: Warren Kermond + Gary Hudson
Photos: Noel Clarke

Morgan Kent receives gift from Bobby Bradford

Reg "Tilly" Townsend

The hard working Natalie

Natalie presented with Echidnas Mug.

Peter Hall & Gary Hudson

Barry, Kenny, Rex, Morgan, Bobby, Frankie & Glenn

Alan Dale & Brett Thomas

Doug McLauchlin

Morgan Kent

March 2017 Meeting
Held at home Croydon Park Club
Each month I take a number of pictures of members to add to the website but they just don't for some reason or other get to the page up-date stage. So as I have just found these on my iPad thought bugger it I'll do it NOW, so here there are. Sorry guys for my tardiness, I'll try to be better in the future, just a few each month.

March birthday celebrants

Paul Martell, Ivan Petch, Barrie Meredith, Morgan Kent & John Charter
Photo: Noel Clarke

December 2016 Meeting
At Home base Croydon Park Club

Photo: Noel Clarke

Dave Allenby

Morgan Kent

Brian McCombe

The Story of Alan Dale & The House Rockers

This ain't the dentist Paul

Michael Parsons & Bill Scott

Alan Dale & Kevin Smith

Roland H, Frankie D, Bobby B & Barry M

Kenny Graham

Les Lidbury

Morgan Kent, Brett Thomas & Dave Allenby

Merv Dick, Roy Mitchell & Graham Cotter

November 2016 Meeting
Held Rockdate Tennis Club 31st October 2016
This was a special meeting steering a course away from our usual meeting place and due to a mix up with the booking and our need to be a couple of nights before the running of the Melbourne Cup, our normal club had already taken another booking. So we had to journey away and we ended up at Rockdale Tennis Club, I have to say the meals were first class, cheap, and service was great, members went to the counter, placed their order and returned to their chair the order was promptly delivered and enjoyed by all.

Well, our race tipster was in fine form giving us 3 horses to make our selection, his numbers 6, 12 & 17. With 17 coming home I think in 3rd spot. Well done Billy Boy we now look forward with more confidence in 2017.

Some dates for you to remember firstly 21st November our annual "Balls-a-Float" harbour Cruise on board the fabulous Rhythm Boat, meeting spot Birkenhead Point Wharf for a 3.30pm departure, don't be late with your bookings.
Our Christmas Meeting will be the 5th December, don't forget the Chris Cringle gifts value $10 and above. 2017 membership fees due at this meeting however 2016 financial members dinner is FREE.

It was agreed we should invite Frank Garaty to our Christmas meeting and the wheelchair taxi has been booked. also Aurel Verne, though Aurel said he doesn't do the Santa bit anymore.
Our Sick List Frankie Davidson, Kenny Graham & Roland Hastings a gift pack from members has been sent to each, get well soon men, we need you guys back at our dinners

Our Duke Alan Dale and King Brett Thomas
Photos: Noel Clarke

Secretary Alan Dale & King Brett Thomas

Barrie Merideth & Chris Menilou

Geoff Gould & Roy Mitchell

Ray Lawler & Glenn Ware

John Reed, Dennis Mawson & Graham Cotter

Barry Mawson & Les Lidbury

Rex Allison & Brian McCombe

Alan D, Brett T, Morgan K & Doug McL

This is a train of Echidnas

Morgan Kent & Doug McLauchlin

Alan & Reg Townsend

Chris Ramos, Bill Scott & John Reed

Graeme Fisher & Bill Scott

Morgan Kent, Graeme Fisher & Brett Thomas

Morgan Kent, Tony Hogan & Brett Thomas

October 2016 Meeting
At Home base Croydon Park Club
October birthday celebrants
Rodney Marks & Roy Mitchell
Photos: Noel Clarke

September 2016 Meeting
At Home base Croydon Park Club

Photos: Noel Clarke

August 2016 Meeting
At Home base Croydon Park Club

Photos: Noel Clarke

July 2016 Meeting
At Home base Croydon Park Club
Well what a crowd we had tonight we were over flowing it was a good thing the club was able to handle the number of required meals.
It's really important that RSVPs be remembered as it makes it very awkward for our treasurer to smooth things over with club staff and whilst they do every thing possible to make us happy they & we would appreciate an RSVP to make for smooth sailing.
Now after all that lets now say what a great night it was to have so many in attendance. It's wonderful to see so many faces, ok and the rest you as well. It makes for a jovial night for all.
I was only able to get a few shots and we had a fantastic group picture taken.

What a cracking picture of the attending group..
Photos: Noel Clarke

Dave Allenby

Morgan Kent

Brian McCombe

The Story of Alan Dale & The House Rockers

This ain't the dentist Paul

Michael Parsons & Bill Scott

Alan Dale & Kevin Smith

Roland H, Frankie D, Bobby B & Barry M

Kenny Graham

Les Lidbury

Morgan Kent, Brett Thomas & Dave Allenby

Merv Dick, Roy Mitchell & Graham Cotter

June 2016 Meeting
At Croydon Park Club
Natalie, our host does a wonderful job basically on her own so we just had to give her a resounding round of applause and thank you Paul Martell for helping Nat to feel at ease...

Photos: Noel Clarke
I have to ask the question, does anyone see a worrying trend here? Just a small question you don't have to be spot on, just take a guess.

Roy Mitchell, Brian McCombe & Graham Cotter

Woody Finlayson

Peter Hall

Brian McCombe & Tony Bennetts

Lonnie Brabender, Brian McCombe & Garry Hudson

Ross Hutchison

The Echidnas - The Australian Order of Comedians