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A tribute Page for our mate - Emeritus King Bruce Sacre

Doug McLauchlin, Alan Dale, Brett Thomas & Morgan Kent
The Passing of our King Emeritus
It is with sad heart that we announce the passing of King Emeritus Bruce Sacre. Bruce has suffered illness for the past several years and though he has fought a long hard battle he succumbed to the illness Monday 6th July just prior to our monthly Echidnas meeting.
Bruce will always be with us at all future meetings. He was much loved by all in the entertainment industry.
Funeral South Chappel Rookwood Crematorium
11:30am Thu 16th July
After at: Wests Sports Club - 114 Church Street, Croydon.

Long time friends Alan Dale & King Bruce

It couldn't have been scripted any better
  Funerals are sad occasions but the service and wake for our loved King Emeritus was an event to remember.

  Bruce had left instructions on how he wanted the event to be conducted. His choice of eulogies were spot on with Sandy Scott reminiscing on his association with Bruce as they toured the country with performances and off stage happenings.
  Paul Martell was grateful for his start in show business due to Bruce's kindly nurturing even if the events at the time seemed to be a daily calamity. The stories and anecdotes that surfaced were illuminating and so very funny.

  The Western Suburbs Leagues Club was well represented by Peter and John Hardgrove who told of Bruce's love for the Magpies and how he immersed himself into the social side of events conducted at the club.

  The service at Rookwood was given a light hearted yet respectful air as the Reverend Ross Hutchison extended a warm invitation to all present with his Christian values. How many times have you been asked to "do an hour" with your performance? Bruce's careful program carried on the tradition with the whole service running exactly sixty minutes.

  Wests Leagues must be congratulated for their catering at the wake that followed. Guests were given the opportunity to speak and had an appreciative audience. The highlight of the day was Bruce's red suit which took centre stage when present Echidnas King Brett Thomas announced Bruce's wish that the valuable garment be presented to his life long friend Dennis Burgess who was not only a close associate at Wests but a former player with The Master's Apprentices. Dennis slipped into the suit to the rapturous cheering of those present.
  It was a delight to see so many true blue Echidnas at the function and made each of us proud to have known King Bruce Emeritus who was certainly one of a kind.

  Alan Dale

See Tribute by Doug McLaughlin

Paul Martell- Eulogy Bruce would be so proud

King Brett presents Bruces suit to Dennis Burgess

Dennis Burgess in Bruce's famous red suit



































#37-Can you guess what it is
Photos by: Noel Clarke
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