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Our late king has finally been laid to rest ROOKWOOD REMEMBERANCE GARDEN BED (E.)position 29
Bruce Sacre

At the Annual General Meeting of The Echidnas Club on the 3rd February 2014.

It was resolved by a motion by Warren Kermond OAM and seconded by all present that former King Bruce Sacre be given a special title to mark his twenty years as King of the Echidnas. He will retain the rank of King with further wording to highlight his contribution to the Echidnas. "Honorary Life King" was agreed on with Simon Bartlett adding the word "emeritus" to the title. Simon's excellent suggestion was unanimously accepted.

According to the Macquarie dictionary the word "emeritus" means "retired or honourably discharged from active duty because of age, infirmity, or long service, but retained on the rolls having served out one's time". Thus Bruce's title will be

Sadly Bruce lost has battle with with illness passing away on the 6th July 2015 but will now always be part of the Echodnas wher a chair is vacant in his name at all dinner meetings.
Honorary Life King Bruce Emeritus

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