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Bruce English Star Casino Doorman
When Bruce English was 3 years old he climbed into an old sea trunk in his Grandfather’s garden shed. The trunk had belonged to his Great Great Uncle, Ed E. Ford (a Vaudevillian who had performed in theatres all round the world), and contained old promo photos, press cuttings, letters, grease paint make-up, and crepe hair for false moustaches. It was a potent blend of strange aromas and memories. It was at this moment that Bruce believes that some sort of energy transference took place.

It was not until many years later, when Bruce was working in Early Childhood Education, that a performance character emerged in the shape of Choko, a musical Clown. Bruce performed part-time for many years, creating his own Promotions business on the North Coast of NSW, and then, in the late 80’s, he attended a Street Performers’ Workshop on the Gold Coast and was inspired to create a Traditional One Man Band (with bass drum and cymbals on the back) and a lycra mask character, called The Lycra Man.

From here he gradually started developing Comedy characters, and performed his repertoire at venues such as Festivals, Shopping Centres and Theme Parks (Dreamworld, Seaworld) in Northern NSW, Gold Coast and Brisbane.
Bruce English
In 1991, Bruce shifted to Sydney, and made a living for a couple of years by performing street shows with his One Man Band, until he was recognized by local agents and performers and started to pick up work in the Sydney Corporate marketplace, shopping centres etc. Working on the street helps create great resilience and spontaneity in a performer as well as giving exposure, and Bruce was booked to perform in the Maurya Sheraton in New Delhi, India. On his return he was booked by Ocean Park in Hong Kong for a Summer season as well as being invited to be a part of a number of International Street Performers Festivals throughout Australia.
Bruce continued to develop more Comedy characters and themed concepts for Corporate events, and at the age of 45 started Stilt walking. The number of characters and concepts he has developed over the years would number over 100, some of which have become unfashionable and dropped out of the repertoire, while others have remained and are still popular in the Corporate marketplace.

Bruce has been working consistently at The Star Casino (as Comedy Doorman and Roving concepts) for the past 21 years and has worked in one form or another for almost every major Corporation and many minor ones, as well as numerous performances in India, Hong Kong and Singapore. Prior to the 2000 Olympics, when AMP still had money, they took Bruce all round Australia as part of their Olympic Journey Roadshow and then to Vienna for a conference, where he performed Comedy characters and MC’d to a thousand delegates in the Ballroom of the Imperial Palace. Bruce no longer performs One Man Band and Stilt characters, although many of his concepts are still available using younger performers. He presently concentrates on performing Comedy characters and themed concepts for Corporate events and satisfies his Musical aspirations by performing in a roving Skiffle band.

Bruce has had many years experience as a Master of Ceremonies, either in character or as himself. He has MC’d conferences, stage performances and corporate events for many businesses and corporations, large and small, the most exciting of which was being MC for 1000 guests in the largest of Vienna’s Imperial Palaces.
He believes that the keys to successful M Cing are preparation, sensitivity, humour, respect and dignity.

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