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2016 Echidnas Balls-A-Float

103 members and guests boarded the RhythmBoat to set off on a twilight cruise on our beautiful Sydney Harbour not really knowing what to expect though from past experience, at least for members we knew we would enjoy the entertainment.
We all boarded to the sounds of the fantastic Australian Navy 7 piece band, these guys really know how make a beautiful noise

Allan Dale says....
Sydney Harbour was at its sparkling best as was the talent that entertained in the floating floor show.
Echidnas gave stunning performances with the Royal Australian Navy giving strong support.
Captain Dave Lazarus was liberal with the plentiful and delicious catering.
The rort was organised by that canny Scot Bill Scott and resulted in a win for both the motor neurome charity and our own charity.
Congratulations to all for participating in a wonderful day of convivial friendship.
This is a must for our yearly calendar.

From Rex & Wendy....
Congratulation to the King, and Echidnas for the fantastic day they put on last Monday, 21st, on the Fun Boat around Sydney Harbour.
Upon arrival Simon and his marvellous band were playing, and continued to entertain all afternoon. Coupled up with some of the Echidnas boys who kept the fun rolling with entertainment.
Once again, David and his his friendly staff did an amazing job catering for us.
Thanks Brett, Noel and Echidnas, you did yourselves proud.
Can't wait until next year!

Wendy and Rex Allison

Above pictures taken on my iPad, not great quality but the quabtity is not bad. By Noel Clarke

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