The Echidnas Balls-A-Float 2015
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Oh What a Night Was Balls-A-Float
I feel sure everyone on board the Ryhthm Boat had a wonderful cruize. We had fantastic music supplied by seven of the lads from the Royal Australian Navy Band, they sure know their stuff.
If there was anyone not havin' a great time then I'd have to say they were most likely asleep though, how-the-hell could anyone sleep through the great entertainment supplied by members of Echidnas throught the cruise.
Dave and his people from the Ryhthm Boat were just great the fed us all without hassle and the food was first class very tasty and plentiful.
We had fantastic entertainment with the King Brett Thomas, Prince Morgan Kent, the Duke no not him he's gone to heaven, our Duke Alan Dale as well as the deep sounds of Snowy Robson.
Darren Carr showed us why he won the Gold MO award, he had everyone in stitches, we could have had more of Darren an excellent performance.
Unfortunately I ran out of space on my iPad so missed out on many shots I would liked to have captured. If anyone who was on board has some photos can you PLEASE send them my way, I will credit your name on your shots.. It will be very much appreciated if you can help. EMAIL

These guys have the looks and sounds of a great band with Echidna Simon Bartlett out front.- Royal Australian Navy Band - they were Fantastic. - Simon assured us all
that they were also on duty looking after the security of our nation keeping an eye out for illegal fishing boats around our harbour. That made us all feel nice 'n' safe.

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